1. Scarred4life

    Scarred4life's Budget Grow

    Hi folks, after reading through lots of these threads, I've found lots that show how to get great results with lots of brands of additives and amendments. Many that say things without addressing why the expected results will occur. Over the years, and far too many failures, I've developed an...
  2. icemokka

    Tincture Doesn't Hit?

    Hi All, TDLR made tincture for the first time with the Magical Butter Machine but it doesn't seem to have the right effect. If someone can please suggest ways to remedy this! I have all the weed and the alcohol still in the Magical Butter Machine should i just run it again? I've had a...
  3. H

    Decarboxylating Cannabis & Making Cannabutter In A Pressure Cooker: Low Smell

    Hi, I'm writing this for anyone who is looking for a different way to decarb and make Cannabutter for edible recipes but worry about the smell that is UNDOUBTEDLY going to appear when you use an oven to decarb your cannabis. This is also my first time writing something like this but I feel it is...
  4. P

    Gimme your thoughts

    Hello :420:! I'm trying to set up my magic space, which will be a 2x2x5.2, with a 400w hps bulb. My question is: will i be able to cook bacon there, or it will be ok, and if so, with how much ventilation do i need? Luv yaalll:circle-of-love::circle-of-love::Namaste:
  5. Ron Strider

    OR: Local Farmers Hope Hemp Is Next Cash Crop

    Along a quiet country road in Boring is a sign warning people that the cannabis plant they're seeking isn't worth the headache. "From people driving by and thinking, Oh great, I'm going to go sample this myself," said Barry Cook. "I've lost 500 to 600 plants." Cook runs Boring Hemp...
  6. Ron Strider

    University Of Florida Researchers Begin Study On Marijuana As Opioid Alternative

    University of Florida Health doctors have begun a new study looking at the health effects of marijuana on people with HIV, including its potential as an alternative to addictive opioids. The doctors will be monitoring the patients and their marijuana use. They will be exploring both negative...
  7. Ron Strider

    Canada: Fredericton Company Sees Boost From Prescription Pot

    An industrial research center is expanding thanks to the boom in medical marijuana – and with legalization on the horizon, that boom may intensify. The Research and Productivity Council [RPC] in Fredericton is one of the largest companies in the medical marijuana testing business. It calls 19 of...
  8. baxbax

    Need advice about poultry manure

    Hello , I grind some poultry manure about 10 litre and decide mix it into my soil and let it cook just like when you mix blood or bone or etc ... providing npk and minerals , soil mix is peat, worm casting ,leaf compost ,coco ,kelp, azomite etc ... just wonder how much I should add to soil? I...
  9. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Western Innovator - Nursery Grower Ventures Into Hemp

    Barry Cook doesn't want passersby to get too excited about the new crop he's got growing at his nursery in Boring, Ore. The distinctive palm-like, serrated leaves that identify the plants as cannabis are bound to attract some unwanted attention, which is why Cook has posted his fields with...
  10. G

    Hello - Looking for a commercial kitchen to cook edibles

    Hi I am trying to start an edibles company. I currently do not have a place to cook full time. I live in socal. Does anyone know of a kitchen or have used a kitchen that allows marijuana? Thanks.
  11. Upinsmoke535

    Hemp CBD powder and VG

    hello everyone. i have come across some crystallized CBD powder and am looking to infuse it into vegetable glycerin for vape juice and oral tinctures. i am not sure how to cook it up and would really like some help on this. anything helps.
  12. H

    Do I have to cook the oil?

    I have my trimmings and I was wondering if I actually have to cook them in oil or if i can just steep them for a few weeks in a jar. I wasn't sure if it would actually work or if it would be a waste of time and product. any advice would be terribly helpful. Thanks :)
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