cotton candy kush

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    GSC, Sour D, Death Star, Plasma 5,10,13, KickFlip 1-5, Cotton Candy Kush, Bruce Banner,Headband.
  2. L

    1000W LED Cotton Candy Kush Indoor Hydroponic Grow - 4th Grow - Still Learning

    Hello people of 420M! New guy here. I have been reading these forums for years to pick up tips and such but i decided to start a Grow Journal here so hopefully i can get better advice from experienced growers. So to start, here is what I am working with.... I have currently 3 small...
  3. Cannabelle

    Delicious Cotton Candy Strain Review

    Strain Name - Delicious Cotton Candy, Delicious Seeds, Feminized (also known as: Cotton Candy Kush) From - Home grown from Herbie's Seeds @ ! Delicious Cotton Candy Feminised Seeds - Herbies Seeds When - Harvest 3-10-15 Cure Time - 2+ months for the best smell and taste. Otherwise, the...
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