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  1. AnimaSola

    Cotyledons but no first leaf set

    I have two others from the same seed stock that look normal but none of these are showing anything but the cotyledons, one looks sick. Will old seed stock do this or did something munch my leaves?
  2. R

    3 Leaf Cotyledon Grow Journal

    For those who might be interested I thought I would track the progress of this seedling that appears to have 3 cotyledons/first round leaves. I've seen these in a tri pattern but not one behind the other as in the picture attached. Here's the specs at time of picture: Age: Aprrox 3 Days...
  3. B

    Question yellow cotyledon and Urea 46-0-0 - Help

    Plant is 6 days old.From today bloody skunk sprout out but one of her cotyledons is yellow with a little bit of a cask on the top i think its beacouse of overwatering or missing the N element from the soil i cant add pictures sorry about that but, my question is do i have to worry , beacouse...
  4. cbgb

    Missing cotyledon leaf

    two new seeds cracked open the other day ..... the only problem was that one of the seed caps took one of the cotyledons leaves with it... should i run with 1 cotyledons leaf or trash it ? thanks 420 peeps happy new year and bountiful harvests for all !!! thanks