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3 Leaf Cotyledon Grow Journal

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For those who might be interested I thought I would track the progress of this seedling that appears to have 3 cotyledons/first round leaves. I've seen these in a tri pattern but not one behind the other as in the picture attached.

Here's the specs at time of picture:

Age: Aprrox 3 Days old, germinated in 100% humidity @ approx 26-27 celcius, then tranferred to small pot with medium and placed under 125w dual spectrum CFL. Been under light for 2 days/cycles.
Light Cycle: 18/6
Strain: Regular Skunk x ?
Medium: 50/50 Coco + Perlite mix, current PH approx. 6, watering sparingly with tap water and occasional spray to keep the humidity up.
Humidity is currently approx. 50%
Temp approx 25-26 celcius(i keep it around here cos its at least a couple degrees hotter at 1 foot from the CFL).

I think that covers everything. It could be that this is a mutation and it might just damp off or do something even more weird, or it might do something really cool who knows! I don't think it will but i'm hoping that leaves will pop up in between both gaps in the cotyledons, 2 colas siamese style without even topping!

I'll try keep it updated on the reg.

Fingers crossed lol


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Subbed in, interested to see how this progresses.
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Here's the 3 leaf at 7 days(apologies i said 5 in the gallery)
It's currently growing about 1/3rd slower than the 2 control seedlings from the same batch of seeds, however it looked like a bit of a struggle to grow out of 3 cotydelons compared to the usual 2; it may catch up a bit now that the first 2 true leaves are well exposed.


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Looking good. I wonder if it'll develop a different branch structure?
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Some mild research suggested they tend to end up with a different branch structure. Being a regular seed lets hope for a female!
I will try remember to include the other 2 control seedlings in the next photo update.
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here she is at 13 and 18 days. Most likely repot in the next couple days, has just been on water and an occasional spritz but once repotted will start on a mild nutrient solution, probably greenhouse seeds hybrid powder feeder.
The 2 internodes that have emerged each have a smaller 3rd branch(can i call them branches yet?) so it looks as if it will grow 3 branches at each internode as opposed to 2.


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Looking interesting, thanks for the update
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Day 26 Update:
I'm going to track the progress of the above plants as well as one more I didn't mention, which is also from the same batch of seeds and was germinated at the same time. They are from regular seeds as mentioned, so anything could happen. So thats a total of 3 plants.
I'll call them 3Leaf, Control and Melody.
The first 2 names explain themselves, but Melody is the only one that i've tipped and grown into 4 main colas(or what hopefully will become 4 main colas). She is also the only one growing in a 25 litre record crate.
3Leaf has been recently transferred into a 30cm pot, and Control is yet to be transferred from the current pot.
I haven't included any pictures this time as there hasn't been much progress to note, I will include a picture of Melody next update, she is much larger than the others as it was transferred to the record crate much earlier.
3Leaf and Control seem a bit stunted at the moment, most likely due to becoming a little pot bound in my opinion, however I think they will start to take off in the newer pots after a couple more days. I plan on letting these 2 do they're own thing, whereas Melody will be getting some more scrog-ish type treatment. She has just been flushed and then the res changed from a very mild solution of GT Ionic Growth Nutrient to a combo of the following:
GT Ionic Growth
Green House Powder Feeding for Hybrids
Cyco Silica
GT PH Down
I was going to repot Control tonight, as well as change the light source from x2 125w CFL Dual Spectrum to x1 400w HPS Dual Spectrum.
However, on my way back from a pleasant stroll to the shops, I manifested a bit of a negative attitude after stepping in dog shit and then discovering I'd locked the keys in my well-secured house.
Quite funny in hindsight but I thought it better to wait til i've slept off any negativity before interacting with my plants.
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Apologies for the huge delay on the update. At day 29 i switched to 12/12, unfortunately within that first couple of weeks the Melody and Control plants revealed they're true identity as male. Was a bit of a bummer as they were both looking great. But on the positive side the 3 leaf is female so I can continue this journal at least for reference purposes. I don't see her giving much at harvest time as I believe I left it a little late transplanting to a larger pot earlier in the grow. She seemed to be a little stunted in comparison to the control to begin with, so this in combination with the late transplanting has left it a bit small. Having said that she looks good and healthy at the moment and even if it's a small yield i'm interested to see the quality.
I'll also be throwing in a couple of vegged feminised Special Queens from Royal Queen Seeds to flower in a couple of weeks, which I've had great success with outdoors in the past and I really enjoyed the smoke.
As I've moved to HPS i'm having trouble with the photos for some reason, maybe someone knows about this....anyway the photo is just a quick pic that doesn't really show much due to quality, and is probably pretty pointless lol. But here it is next post anyway!