1. F


    What should my humidity be on final two weeks of my grow I have been to a few different sites and it's a shit show. I'm currently running at 30-35 percent and was wondering if I should raise it. I'm currently bring in fresh Alberta air and exhaustion 6 in carbon. Room temp day is 74-76 night is...
  2. W

    My First Time DWC Grow Journal CK Purple Kush & Green Crack

    Hey, guys, I'm totally new here and totally new to growing anything period. I just started and am off to a very rocky start so I decided maybe some guidance is needed from you experienced green thumbs. So here goes! - I did a DIY RDWC with top feed and had water sitting in it for about 4...
  3. Mariano Gomes

    First grow shopping list 5 x 5 hydroponic LED tent help

    So this is what I came up with researching for a week I need to cut costs though so any suggestions for different products btw I live by the equator so our problem here is heat and high humidity. P.S. I copied and pasted this from amazon sorry for the stuff with underlines and different colors...
  4. vyserage

    2 same strain plants cure with different results wtf?

    OK so I have 2 plants that are Gorilla Glue #4. Harvested at same time, for now I'll refer to them as plant 1 and plant 4. Plant 1 is still curing at 65% humidity in jars since the 14th of december. Anytime humidity hit 66 or higher I would leave top off of jar for 1 to 2 hours. If humidity...
  5. IndyRacerNick

    Cure going bad on day 1?

    Hello everyone, This is the 3rd plant I have done now since spring, and I have a question regarding the dry and cure The first 2 plants dried in about 3 days, no light, no fans, airflow, no direct air, but humidity was low @ 30%~ When I put into jars there were NO moisture. Very dry buds...
  6. ckenney82

    First Time Growing Medical - C.K. White Widow Auto Fem

    hey everyone. This is my first grow ever. I just planted my germinated seed into sunshine mix 4 (75%) and Perlite (25%) water with 8 ounces of water into 3 qty planter. I have blue and white spectrum going. My heat is at 81 degrees with 55% humidity. Any tips Ive been reading and its all not...
  7. M

    CO2 & Humidity

    Hi everyone, I've got a battle on my hands with humidity on a CO2 grow during fall season when it's too cool to use AC but not cold enough to run the heat. The good of CO2 is my plants are growing like crazy. Aggressive growth is how I would describe it. The bad is my closed tent humidity is...
  8. D


    I have my seeds in some paper towel on a plate in my propagation tray and humidity dome. i also have one seed in a jiffy peat puck inside the dome what is an ideal temperature and humidity level for the seeds to germinate and how wet should i keep the jiffy puck and paper towel??
  9. 9

    Need help asap with drying please

    I'm in the process of drying 16 plants right now. They were chopped two days ago. The temp is at 70 and humidity at 60. I want to lower the humidity in the room. I don't have any exhaust or intake but have 3 fans ventilating the room with the door open for some air to leave. I don't want to get...
  10. G

    Automatic watering system

    Is there any commercial watering systems available at a reasonable price now? Something with a humidity sensor and a water pump?
  11. W

    First grow

    Hello. I am doing my first grow this year outdoors. I am growing some aurora indica and they are entering their 7th week of flower. The suggested flowering time is 8-10 weeks. It has been humid as hell the last few days and the humidity is supposed to keep going for the next week or so. I don't...
  12. MackMcMacMac

    Struggling with high humidity

    While my plant was in veg, humidity of 65-80% wasn't a big deal, but now that I've switched to 12/12, it concerns me. The room is generally around 55%, but the grow tent itself is currently registering 85%! Thinking my sensor was fubar, I put a second meter in the tent. Both meters register the...
  13. F

    Am I dumb?

    I have just purchased a Superpro AC-2 Environment controller after reading that it controls Temp , Humidity, and Lighting, ok thats kool, I understand how to set Temp levels, Humidity levels, dead bands etc I get that bit . Now there are four plug outlets, Two on the left of the unit. Two on the...
  14. 28 Grams

    Air from the dehumidifier is very warm

    Before I got a dehumidifier here were my stats: Ambient temperature: 70-85F Tent temperature: 70-85F Humidity: 70-99% So I got a dehumidifier and hooked up the exhaust to the intake of tent, so now the humility is as lowe as I want (45%) but it's SUPER warm. My temperature monitor said...
  15. G

    First Time Grower!

    Hey yall! First time grower here, discovered this thread after looking online for some answers about it all. I'm lucky enough to have my friend mentoring me along the way, he is a master grower for some very large cultivations in Las Vegas. Even still I wanted to make a post about my setup...
  16. G

    Will high humidity slow plant growth?

    Hello folks, I was wandering if high humidity will slow veg growth? RH is in the high 70's. Please dispense w/ advice to incorporate a dehumidifier. I'm just wanting to know if high humidity will slow veg growth. Thanks for reading. :thumb:
  17. B

    Tent Trials

    Hello my fellow herbalists. My friend unfortunately had a GOOB sale in which he gave me five plants. They were have root bound and half dead. Transplant, water and a shot of Superthrive and they came back around. Ok this will be my SECOND grow in a tent. The first was a series of disasters...
  18. N

    Which is worse - High heat or high humidity?

    i'm in week 5 of flowering and it's been crazy hot and crazy humid where I live. Had a nice thunderstorm today and humidity here is at 88% outside right now. Needless to say my dehumidifier has been on almost non-stop in my grow tent. This sends temperatures in the tent up to 91F. If I don't...
  19. S

    Having trouble with seedling humidity - Please help!

    Hi Guys, I am a first time grower and I am very close to embarking on this voyage. So like many others I have been researching, researching and you guessed it more researching. I have completed the grow room setup 1 meter by 1 meter. I have an intake and outtake fan working through a...
  20. N

    Neophyte mistakes - Please help!

    Hi people! I'm a neophyte grower, and i really need help i believe... please! I have been reading allot but i cant figure whats wrong. I recently moved at the lands end in a little country and cant get weed as i used to in the city. So i tough i could grow some myself! Well thats not as...