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  1. phiGweed

    Help with Drying

    Good afternoon guys! Today was the big day! I have come to the end of my grow and now have to tackle the drying and curing process. Never made it this far so all advice is welcome! My current temp and humidity is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 50-55%. She is in complete darkness. Should my temp and...
  2. ThaTinMan

    In The Beginning

    THE HARDEST thing to do, is to get started. Now this is for the Simi serious folks. Costs are under 500 clams for equipment! Dude that's cheap!! For the exception of a tent or room ventilation, very important that there is good understanding..... that's it's a gonna get hot! But budget gives a...
  3. Temp/humidity


    Temp&humidity check, perfect!
  4. Temp/Humidity


    Humidity spike in veg, time to trim
  5. OMGReptar

    Any idea why these Boveda humidity packs not working?

    For some reason my 67g Boveda 62% humidity packs aren’t working. I have the buds in mason jars after drying and I put the packs in. The humidity isn’t rising at all. I’m not sure why. Do I need to change the temperature in the house? These dried for 7 days. It would have been longer, but I...
  6. hazeluv69

    Humidity issue late flowering 60+

    My issue is that I’m in late flowering with 5 girls & my humidity is always around 60s, it’s like week 6 now and they are getting fat and I do not want mould , I have a tower fan on a stool in the tent and a oscillating fan hung up blowing on top and in the canopy. Humidity never seems to drop...
  7. OMGReptar

    Humidity Issues!

    I’m not sure what the cause of it is, but I’ve been having issues with high humidity recently. I’m about 4 to 5 weeks into my grow and this is the first time it’s happening. Humidity was staying around 55%, but now it’s always around 65%. I recently up-potted to 5 gallon pots, could that be the...
  8. Zayah

    Insect repellent recommendations

    Ok, so there's so many different kinds of repellent out there that i just want to make sure I'm getting the one that would best fit my environment. *Hight Humidity (right now its 57% and will be up to 60% this coming up week and its usually always like that) *Heat in the High 80's-90's (right...
  9. todays


    Outside greenhouse temps at 20 at this time
  10. L

    Fan destroys humidity levels?

    Hey I have a humidifier standing in my grow room, normally when i have it running humidity is like 60-70% for my seedlings. I didnt really have any ventilation and I was scared that maybe mold would start to form, so I purchased a fan. The fan is doing a really good job with moving the air...
  11. R

    Question about cool air humidifiers

    I have a Holmes HM1745 humidifier, can this still displace distilled water into the air without the filter? Is the filter necessary to make this throw water into the air? Waters clean, I only use distilled so I'm not worries about air quality.
  12. Temp


    I raised my humidity using a humidifier.
  13. J

    Humidity control

    So I have 5 10x20 grow tents with the 32 slight undercurrent set up running 8000 watts led with 932 cfm exousting outside 932 cfm on low for intake my room outside the tents is around 73 degrees with 12.5 tons of ac and have 2 ultra aire 205 dehumidifiers running and they say 50 %rh but in my...
  14. UKgrower320

    Need help regarding badly high humidity again

    So I made a post a while back on my humidity being to high, got told to use cat liter or a dihumidifier Well I've used both an it's still in the 80s tent closed, 65% tent open... I'm two weeks into flower and basically ripping my hair out in case of bid rot, something I genuinely can not be...
  15. P

    Very High Humidity

    Hi All. New here. First grow. Having issues lowering my humidity. Would appreciate some experienced help. Whole setup below is in basement which is always cold, typically between 17 and 21 degrees Celcius. Intake draws from the floor outside space and exhaust exhausts outside space at...
  16. Temp and Humidity check

    Temp and Humidity check

    A bit humid due to high humidity outside
  17. UKgrower320

    How to lower humidity in a small tent

    So to cut a long story short, through out winter my humidity was always below 40% but now that it's came in to spring weather where in stay in the UK the humidity has risen 10-15%, at the minute my tent is at 47% humidity and 25.6°. my tent was at 57% and 22°, my tent is on the smaller side of...
  18. F


    What should my humidity be on final two weeks of my grow I have been to a few different sites and it's a shit show. I'm currently running at 30-35 percent and was wondering if I should raise it. I'm currently bring in fresh Alberta air and exhaustion 6 in carbon. Room temp day is 74-76 night is...
  19. W

    My First Time DWC Grow Journal CK Purple Kush & Green Crack

    Hey, guys, I'm totally new here and totally new to growing anything period. I just started and am off to a very rocky start so I decided maybe some guidance is needed from you experienced green thumbs. So here goes! - I did a DIY RDWC with top feed and had water sitting in it for about 4...
  20. Mariano Gomes

    First grow shopping list 5 x 5 hydroponic LED tent help

    So this is what I came up with researching for a week I need to cut costs though so any suggestions for different products btw I live by the equator so our problem here is heat and high humidity. P.S. I copied and pasted this from amazon sorry for the stuff with underlines and different colors...
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