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  1. M

    Opinion On This Light

    They are not a sponsor here, so I cannot link to their web page. I'm looking at this light for my 2.3x2.3x5 grow tent. What are your thoughts on this light? Cobs to close together? Too much light for my space? Draws 275+ Watts from the wall Dimmable From Outside Enclosure Approx...
  2. R

    3 Leaf Cotyledon Grow Journal

    For those who might be interested I thought I would track the progress of this seedling that appears to have 3 cotyledons/first round leaves. I've seen these in a tri pattern but not one behind the other as in the picture attached. Here's the specs at time of picture: Age: Aprrox 3 Days...
  3. S

    Sugar leaves browning at tips

    Dear All. Hope everyone is well. I have a seedsman white widow feminised that is approx 6 to 7 weeks into flower. Overall it's a great plant and I am hopeful of a nice harvest. I have approx 15 big colas. I have started to see discolouration in a lot of the fan leaves, yellowing. Overall...
  4. Litmus

    2 Rooms - Coco vs RDWC - LED vs HPS - Sugar Punch/Madberry/Herijuana - Perpetual

    Hi Everyone! This is my 2nd journal and my 3rd grow. My first 2 grows were hand watered in coco. I wanted something more automated and also wanted to try different methods of growing to see what best suits me. I also love to learn new things and am handy so I decided to build an undercurrent...
  5. Sneakygreen

    Sneaky's White Widow x Big Bud Outdoor Feminized

    Welcome to my second grow journal! I have picked out my number 1 WWXBB seedling From herbies female seeds which I had 100% success rate germinating soaked for 24hrs in cup of water then into paper towel till about 1.5cm tap root. Moved into a solo cup of canna pure coco 4 weeks ago...
  6. V

    400W COB - Actual 250W & 300W LED - Actual 105W

    Just wanted to share an overview pic of my babies, sure, a 1000W HID would do better, but so would an equivalent LED. 6 plants under it, 5 autos, and as you can see a very indica dominant in the middle which is a regular fem plant just starting to get its buds. 3 weeks...
  7. A

    Help a noob with her autos please?

    As the title says, can anyone help a noob shed light on some issues with my girls? I'm obviously doing something wrong and I don't know what or how to fix it. Today is day 13 and there has been zero growth in almost a week, something is burning the 1st set of true leaves in my girl on the left...
  8. SynapSemilia

    Is this Nute Burn?

    Hello fellow growers! I noticed a couple of brown spots this morning just before speeding off to work and some leaves that weren't doing to great, I'm wondering if this could simply be nute burn? Why do I assume this? Because when I read off the famous deficiency chart the only cause...
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