1. C

    Strange Geometry

    I started these two ladies at the same time in the same environment. One of them is classically symmetrical, and the other seems to be growing extra leaves in several places. They're both Blue Dream. What the heck is going on?
  2. R

    3 Leaf Cotyledon Grow Journal

    For those who might be interested I thought I would track the progress of this seedling that appears to have 3 cotyledons/first round leaves. I've seen these in a tri pattern but not one behind the other as in the picture attached. Here's the specs at time of picture: Age: Aprrox 3 Days...
  3. S

    Deformed leaves - Was I hoaxed in Amsterdam?

    Hey. Guys, So I bought this autoflowering feminized White Widow seeds in Amsterdam half a year ago, and decided to grow at home for the first time. I germinated directly into the soil( bad move only 1 of 4 sprouted), and put it under the light in a grow box. The first leaves came out ok, but...
  4. G


    I was just feeding my girl when i noticed this strange mutation of a few of her fan leaves. Idk about anyone else but I think mutations are cool and exiting haha. So here are a few of the fan leaves that i found: Anyone seen this before? Im sure the answer is YES
  5. A

    Mutation? Flowering petioles and leaves!

    Hi all! This is my first grow and i have 2 flowering plants in their 5th week of flowering (one is more Sativa dominant and the other, more Indica dominant). During the last few days I started noticing that the Sativa one is showing signs of flowering on the stem of the leaf, and was wondering...
  6. steppedinds

    Weird Mutation

    noticed this weird little leaf popping out
  7. A

    Anomalous Conical Leaf

    Hi Everyone, Does this mutation look familiar at all? Just noticed it a week into flowering. Strain is bag-seed, though likely the progeny of a Trainwreck or Jack Herer mother (known stash). Lived outside all its life, and during veg was supplemented with CFLs to equate 20hrs...
  8. J

    1 seed - 3 sprouts is this a Crazy art plant?

    Hi Guys, I'm new here.. To begin with I was going to make a complete harvest and then report all about it afterwards, but I woke up this morning realizing my Plan B was mutating.. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm trying to upload pictures, and really hope for some cool advice.. -I know alot people...
  9. T

    Weird mutated seedling w/pics

    day 4 don't know :helpsmilie::11:
  10. GreenChrome

    Ice- All growing tips from day one. Can I recreate this next time?

    Hey 420 friends, I have a plant vegging right now that is shooting out all growing tips. The clone was cut from the mother on April 1st, was in the dome for close to two weeks due to a cold snap and was about to be planted. I forgot to check on them one night that I had left the vent open...
  11. T

    Sunni, a clone, What is wrong with these pictures?

    Check out Sunni, her mom (Solar) is outsite and flowering nicely at this time. Not large, had some chickens break her in half, we duct taped her back together and took clones coz we thought she might not make it. But there was an early clone, Solar Girl, who is in the closet and flowering...
  12. T

    Mutation in clone

    Hi All, I have a clone from my mom (Closet Lady) that is in flower right now, acutually 3 clones. One is strange, I kept saying it is shorter and trying to catch up..... but now I think it is down right strange. Check out the photos. Sorry they are not crystal clear! I...