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  1. Jungle Joseph

    Extra leaf

    Extra leaf.
  2. 20200714_125225 (1).jpg

    20200714_125225 (1).jpg

    Coloration on GG4/Blueberry cross
  3. S

    Has my plant mutated?

    I've started growing a blue diesel autoflower and it looks off. The first two leafs have a white point instead of a normal top and one of the little ones looks weird, anyone who knows this or can help?
  4. Mutation?


    Derpy top on this cherry blossom cbd
  5. B

    Possible mutation on leaves

    Hi guys just noticed on my two top leaves. I originally thought it was 4 leaves but saw it was 3 with one if the notches all the way to the stem. Its the same on both leaves in the set. And the next set that came out has 3 again so not sure whats going on. This is my first grow so a bit paranoid.
  6. B


    We got a tri-leaf,was very excited to see how she turns out, unfortunately after about two weeks my dog decided to eat some of the seedlings.
  7. ROSSM8

    Seedsman Northern Lights Auto Mutations?

    LEDs are over 30 inches away, only watered once with a small amount of h2o2, calmag, and diamond nectar, after that just 16ppm spring water ph to 5.8/9 Wondering if its just mutated or what..... Seedling appeared 6 days ago! Seems to be running behind from my little knowledge. Any opinions?
  8. Z

    Anyone familiar with this type of mutation?

    This is a photo strain from Green House Seed Co called The Doctor seen here at day 13 from seed. I have two more of the same strain growing at different rates but with normal leaf structure whereas, if you notice, these leaves are trident and symmetrical. Not that I have much experience growing...
  9. Sparrowhawk2010

    Hello all

    Hello all I am new to using forums. I am currently growing a Afghan kush from a fem seed.. She is in a 20ltr dwc with a 600 hps over her shes gone absolutely crazy I have super cropped her since being in flower I have noticed all the buds are abnormal with stalks that are twice as thick as...
  10. Mutation Debilitator Kush

    Mutation Debilitator Kush

    Debilitator Kush mutation. Pops up now and then.
  11. Growingasmile

    Plant mutation

    This is the secobd leaf like this to pop up recently lol, ever see this before? Still in veg.
  12. 20180305_203209.jpg


    Hazeman Pine Tar Kush aka 79 Xmas Bud leaf variegation oddity phenotype.
  13. H

    Seedling only develops one cannabis leaf

    It's 8 days old now and I don't really know what to do. I try to give it 18h of light (it's probably a little less and I don't have the best lights)
  14. C

    Strange Geometry

    I started these two ladies at the same time in the same environment. One of them is classically symmetrical, and the other seems to be growing extra leaves in several places. They're both Blue Dream. What the heck is going on?
  15. R

    3 Leaf Cotyledon Grow Journal

    For those who might be interested I thought I would track the progress of this seedling that appears to have 3 cotyledons/first round leaves. I've seen these in a tri pattern but not one behind the other as in the picture attached. Here's the specs at time of picture: Age: Aprrox 3 Days...
  16. S

    Deformed leaves - Was I hoaxed in Amsterdam?

    Hey. Guys, So I bought this autoflowering feminized White Widow seeds in Amsterdam half a year ago, and decided to grow at home for the first time. I germinated directly into the soil( bad move only 1 of 4 sprouted), and put it under the light in a grow box. The first leaves came out ok, but...
  17. G


    I was just feeding my girl when i noticed this strange mutation of a few of her fan leaves. Idk about anyone else but I think mutations are cool and exiting haha. So here are a few of the fan leaves that i found: Anyone seen this before? Im sure the answer is YES
  18. A

    Mutation? Flowering petioles and leaves!

    Hi all! This is my first grow and i have 2 flowering plants in their 5th week of flowering (one is more Sativa dominant and the other, more Indica dominant). During the last few days I started noticing that the Sativa one is showing signs of flowering on the stem of the leaf, and was wondering...
  19. steppedinds

    Weird Mutation

    noticed this weird little leaf popping out
  20. A

    Anomalous Conical Leaf

    Hi Everyone, Does this mutation look familiar at all? Just noticed it a week into flowering. Strain is bag-seed, though likely the progeny of a Trainwreck or Jack Herer mother (known stash). Lived outside all its life, and during veg was supplemented with CFLs to equate 20hrs...
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