1. Ron Strider

    KY: Murray State Using Donated Farm For Cover Crop, Hemp Research

    A 534-acre historic farm, known as the Eagle Rest Plantation, donated to Murray State last year is now serving as a research and demonstration hub for cover crop and industrial hemp. Hutson School of Agriculture Dean Tony Brannon says projects on a portion of the farm are just the beginning of...
  2. I like Cheese

    Cob advice

    Hi Guys I have a veg tent that is 0.8 m2 and i am wondering if 4 cree cxa 2540 5000k cobs would be enough to cover it. i am certain there are better cobs for this out there but, that was my budget. Thanks in advance. .
  3. 420

    420 Magazine Seeking Social Networking Guru

    We are seeking someone to manage our Instagram account, posting half a dozen images per day from our vast archive of over 2 million photos. Please send cover letters & resumes with all prior related experience to Thank you. :Namaste:
  4. W

    Is 2x600w on light rails enough to cover tent 240x240 cm?

    Hey guys This is my first post on the forum. I've been for quite a few years into growing my own buds recently decided to go bit more professional. I'm planning to setup 240x240 cm grow room with two 600 w hps on the light rails moving opposite direction. Do you guys reckon it would cover...
  5. J

    Force flowering in a greenhouse

    So i have this 2x1x2 m outdoor greenhouse (6.5'x3'x6.5') with 6 plants which are still in veg. They are haze strains which need to spend 74 days in flower. I want them to start flowering soon (mid July) so that they're harvested before the colds start in late September. To make a 12/12 cycle i...
  6. steppedinds

    Algae on rockwool

    any algeacide i can use, or can i cover them up with hydroton or something?
  7. N

    Need some advice

    How do u set up a Scrog system in a room 6x6 with 9 plants and wut watt light shud I use to cover the space any links or advice wud be appreciated
  8. I

    Shaggys grow

    Hey guys im bout to put my babys in pots how deep can i put them can i cover the round lil leaves
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