cream caramel

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    Sweet Seeds: Super Offer at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

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  2. Dolomite

    Dolomite's OG Kush CBD, Cheese CBD and Cream Caramel Grow Journal - 2020

    Hi all, This is my second grow, so I am still learning a lot. My first was in a 1.2 tent with a 600w HPS, but I need the space so am having to scale down a bit. I'm growing a couple of CBD-rich strains, and a (relatively) high THC strain. I quite like having a nice daytime smoke, and find the...
  3. 20190307_233639.jpg


    Cream Mazar Nug Cross of.. "Cream Caramel x Deimos x Mazar-I-Sharif"
  4. farside05

    Farside05's Multiple Strain Auto Grow in Coco: Trainwreck, Blueberry, Cream Caramel, Purple Kush

    Just put the seeds in jiffy plugs today. I'll be growing Trainwreck and Cream Caramel from Sweet Seeds, Blueberry from Zambeza, and Purple Kush ftom Buddha. This is my first grow using Coco, I've always used ProMix before. Nutes will be DynaGro Foliage Pro and ProTekt and lighting is a...
  5. S

    Crocodocs First Photoperiodic - Ice Kush & Cream Caramel - 250W DS-HPS - Daily Update

    Hello everyone, i hope you have a good smoke while reading this. Personally, I´m happy with a good old strong Skunk #1 at the moment, which really honors it´s Name ;) So, what´s going on here? Simple question, simple Answer: New Grow, New Journal! This time, i want to create something reduced...
  6. 420Amard

    Spart's Cream Caramel - Mars II 400W - BioBizz Loving Run

    Ladies and gentle stoners alike welcome to my third grow journal. :welcome::welcome: This journal will be my first led run from seed to flower so looking forward to seeing how this turns out. For those of you who don't me I love my Bio products and have been trying to make my grows as Bio as...
  7. MOMO420

    1st-Time LED grower here

    Hello all! i'm basically a 1st-time grower (Have experimented in the past but what i have going now is the real deal). Been addicted to this site cuz of all the good info from the community of growers. Really appreciate everybodys insight! The post/journal of my garden is in my Sig. Would love...
  8. MOMO420

    1st Grow: Midnight Kush, Black Widow, Cream Caramel, etc.

    So, i have 8 plants that are 4 weeks into Flowering. Got 3 Midnight Kush, 2 Cream Caramel, Warlock, Chronic, & a Black Widow. & 8 clones, 1 of each. About 4 weeks ago, i switched from a 400-watt light to LEDs. Started off with 2 UFOs, now i have 6. Ok, guess that's the basics. Gonna show u...
  9. DrKran

    Indoor Grow - Blueberry & Cream Caramel Fem

    Hi! I have been growing for about 3 years now but this is my first Journal and attempt at DP BlueBerry and Cream Caramel. From start I got 5 DP Blueberry Feminized and 3 Cream Caramel also Feminized. I will start posting some pics soon. Joint me in this adventure.
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