cream caramel

  1. S

    Crocodocs First Photoperiodic - Ice Kush & Cream Caramel - 250W DS-HPS - Daily Update

    Hello everyone, i hope you have a good smoke while reading this. Personally, I´m happy with a good old strong Skunk #1 at the moment, which really honors it´s Name ;) So, what´s going on here? Simple question, simple Answer: New Grow, New Journal! This time, i want to create something...
  2. 420Amard

    Spart's Cream Caramel - Mars II 400W - BioBizz Loving Run

    Ladies and gentle stoners alike welcome to my third grow journal. :welcome::welcome: This journal will be my first led run from seed to flower so looking forward to seeing how this turns out. For those of you who don't me I love my Bio products and have been trying to make my grows as Bio as...
  3. MOMO420

    1st-Time LED grower here

    Hello all! i'm basically a 1st-time grower (Have experimented in the past but what i have going now is the real deal). Been addicted to this site cuz of all the good info from the community of growers. Really appreciate everybodys insight! The post/journal of my garden is in my Sig. Would love...
  4. MOMO420

    1st Grow: Midnight Kush, Black Widow, Cream Caramel, etc.

    So, i have 8 plants that are 4 weeks into Flowering. Got 3 Midnight Kush, 2 Cream Caramel, Warlock, Chronic, & a Black Widow. & 8 clones, 1 of each. About 4 weeks ago, i switched from a 400-watt light to LEDs. Started off with 2 UFOs, now i have 6. Ok, guess that's the basics. Gonna show u...
  5. DrKran

    Indoor Grow - Blueberry & Cream Caramel Fem

    Hi! I have been growing for about 3 years now but this is my first Journal and attempt at DP BlueBerry and Cream Caramel. From start I got 5 DP Blueberry Feminized and 3 Cream Caramel also Feminized. I will start posting some pics soon. Joint me in this adventure.