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    Profile Name Change

    Can someone help me change my profile name please? I am obviously a total newb and lacking in creativity, so I will take anything that isn't my real name :thumb:
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    Can resin melt?

    Thats pretty much it... can resin melt? And if it can then at what temperature? And ive smoked resin before too and no resin is not jash with how many ppl think it is amazes me. basically my creativity is flowing n i just wanyed to noe if anyone knew offhand bcuz none of my searches r doing any...
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    welcome to "highville"

    Have you ever imagined a town where everyone in the community was high? Marijuana is legal and are sold next to cigarettes in convenient stores. What do you think the pros and cons would be? Would it be peacful? How would life in this type of community be like? Would your town be securely...