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Can resin melt?

How well do you understand cannabis?

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Thats pretty much it... can resin melt? And if it can then at what temperature? And ive smoked resin before too and no resin is not jash with how many ppl think it is amazes me. basically my creativity is flowing n i just wanyed to noe if anyone knew offhand bcuz none of my searches r doing any good.

Thanx so much!!!!


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if you are talking about the black tar like rez that you clean out of your pipe, yes and kinda no.
if you smoke a lot of good weed for a short period of time and then clean your pipe, you are left with a very syrup like sticky residue. when you take that syrup and smoke it yes it very much melts and quickly, after you will be ledt with a rock like substance in your bowl.
If you smoke for long times and clean your pipe rarely then it will be much thicker of a dirt like substance that will still melt but not as much and leave you with a rock ball.
if your not talking about tar rez then sorry lol.
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