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  1. Jeko

    Does resin go bad?

    I was helping my pack his stuff before we headed to my place when we came across an old resin stash from one or two years ago, well we smoked it but then I thought about how resin is organic so it can decompose and I'm wondering if it does go bad. Is it anything we should be concerned with? Or...
  2. W

    New grower

    Hi all new to this site. First time grower. Made some mistakes, now on second harvest. Found i had spider mites. Sprayed with soapy water, then i tried rubbing alcohol. Is this effective? Anyway cut several of my plants down, washed them and now drying. Do i lose resin by washing? How do i...
  3. A

    Why does my bud cause my lip to tingle really bad?

    It only happens in joints and blunts after its burned quite a way, so maybe something to do with the resin build up? Was this something I messed up on during the grow/dry/cure? The bud is Candy Kush from Royal Queen Seeds.
  4. D

    Advice Please?

    Hi, Really could use some help. My strains are all auto -feminized: Strawberry Kush(25% - 75% Indica dominant strain, THC levels at 17% - 19%) Pineapple Haze ( 30% - 70% Sativa dominant strain, THC levels at 17% - 19%) Blueberry ( 20% - 80% Indica dominant strain, THC levels at 16%)...
  5. D

    Cutting back lights to 8/16 after finishing flower

    I'm curious if cuting back lights to 8 on 16 off after finishing or in the final days of flower would do anything beneficial like increase resin production in photoperiod strains? Anyone heard of anyone trying this?
  6. PurpleGunRack

    The Hash Club

    Hi fellow 420'ers:welcome: I thought I'd devote a thread to discussing and reviewing hash. Feel free to contribute with a review of your own homemade hash or your import hash A little background story I love ganja, but I really really love hash and it was the first type...
  7. S

    2 week old seedlings getting resin on the leafs already?

    2 week old seedlings have hella trichomes took a high powered camera took a picture of the leafs and sure as day they where trichomes all over everything is it common or rare?
  8. M

    Yep, I'm poor & I do smoke resin

    people like to poopoo smoking resin; but it works. it's actually more potent than the weed because it's concentrated thc & it's also a unique high; very heady & body type high, but...for whatever reason, resin highs only last about an hour. I believe the type of pipe or bong you use can...
  9. B

    Can resin melt?

    Thats pretty much it... can resin melt? And if it can then at what temperature? And ive smoked resin before too and no resin is not jash with how many ppl think it is amazes me. basically my creativity is flowing n i just wanyed to noe if anyone knew offhand bcuz none of my searches r doing any...
  10. G

    1st grow - Need Help!

    This is my first plant grown from a randy bag. My ? ees is my baby ready to harvest? im not sure hairs seem to be dark 50% of the plant however yield seems low(even though iv never grown anything in my 19 years)i guess like id say my plant looks like its got a 25 cent piece on her also my...
  11. S

    Question about resin collection

    This may be in the wrong forum, and if it is, I apologize in advance. I use Marijuana for my soft-tissue sarcoma, as prescribed by my family physician. Just to clear all of this up beforehand. Ok, so I have a glass beaker-style water pipe, and a 'spoon' pipe that I use to self-medicate...
  12. K

    Smoking Resin Removed with Saltwater

    First post, be gentle. Here's what I did: I boiled a pipe in saltwater for awhile and ran the water through a clean strainer. I ran water from my sink into my pipe that emptied the remaining resin into the same strainer. I ran clean water through the strainer to rinse the remaining salt...
  13. C

    Calyxes swell.. but then seem to decrease in size.. normal?

    hey everyone listen, I've got a couple of questions and was hoping I had come to the right place to get the right answers to those questions. I've got two plants right now. I never grow more than 2 plants per grow as I only grow for my personal consumption. I don't sell what I grow...
  14. Kayla

    I'm brand new here :)

    i just found this website today so i signed up!:D Hi everyone!
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