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critical #47

  1. Critical 8/8.

    Critical 8/8.

  2. Crical flower period 7/8

    Crical flower period 7/8

    So nice <3
  3. Critical flowering period 6/7

    Critical flowering period 6/7

    I have never seen so many buds in a plant.
  4. Perfect Sun LED

    Organic pellets vs Generical Hydroponics Autos and Regulars plus DWC

    As some of you have come to know, I love doing experiments. So first the experiments and the set up. I have a separate veg room, where I run a 4 foot t5 for clones and seedlings. Also, a 600w hps. I could use MH, as I do have a new bulb, but I sort of like what hps does for node spacing. I...
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