1. gr865

    Super Cropping Question

    I am about to start another vertical grow and have some questions about super cropping. I am familiar with super cropping as I use it for height control when needed. The question I have is where is the best place on the plant to crop. To explain a bit more, I will be vegging clones after...
  2. M

    Abandoned Flowering Clone - Monster Cropping

    Hi there this is my first time posting on here. Some background Of the strain, It was Bag seed that was told to be Cherry Pie. I have know idea if it was the legit Cherry Pie all I know is the smell taste and look was spot on to what I read about the strain. With that being said I well not...
  3. W

    Help me LOL

    Hello ! My name is Wilson I need a little help on a couple questions, by the way I'm a newbie.thx:thumb:
  4. B

    Abandoned 2 Strain - Hydroponic - Monster Cropping - Grow Journal - 2015

    Hello Everyone. I am a relatively new grower and about a month away from harvesting my first crop. I have learned a lot reading through journals on this site and would like to start my own journal using a Monster Cropping technique. If anyone is unaware of the technique I basically took clones...
  5. R

    When to crop with pictures

    Hi there people. Wondered if u folks out there could look at my plant pics and tell me if you think its ready to crop. I have been flowering for nearly eight weeks now and some of the stigmas look a little frazzled(brown). I think these pictures should provide a bit of zoom to look at the...
  6. T

    Super cropping. I need help!

    I didn't pinch 1 of the stems properly on 1 of my plants and when I bent it over the stem snapped but it hasn't snapped completely. It has only happened to 1 stem do you think it will survive? :420:
  7. D

    Abandoned Hydro PPP Early Training Clones Topping and Crimping.

    This time I start with my own clones taken from one Pure Power Plant in two weeks of flowering, five clones takes about three weeks to root using Gold orange Replicator from Duch master and plain water to feed and spray I'll use Flora nova lucas fromula with RO Veg Under 125w CFL Flowering...
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