cross breeding

  1. Greenwing blunt

    The Start Of A Re-Veg

    Ok here we are again lol, I am about to embark on another grow journey, a reveg to be more precise. Ok we have the big lady from my previous grow and the little lady from the previous grow plus three clones from the big girl. Your probably wondering way I kept the hami lady and I will give you...
  2. 20180618_131603.jpg


    Indica hybrid reveg
  3. G

    My Plant Is Growing - Branching Weird

    I found a Krypy seed and decided to grow it. Ive only grown "mids" before and have never had this problem. I'm having new growth come off of stems of fan leaves and everything. I'm thinking maybe its a male? It had several sets 3 bladed leafs before it gave me a 5 which is another reason for...