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  1. S

    2x2 Tent Problem: Serrated Part Cupping Upwards & Brown Spots

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum as we just started growing and popped some seeds in January. We're growing Grapefruit Diesel from Next Generation. I wanted to know what you think might be my current problem? I was thinking it is heat stress, so today we raised the light to 30" (2½ft) and changed...
  2. M

    Leaves drying and curling?

    So, here's my situation. This is my frist grow and I started from bagseed in mid August and topped twice, but ended up with a monster with more than 4 mains. or it seemed. All went well during veg and 3 months in I switched to flower. This was the last weekend in October. about 2 weeks later all...
  3. D

    Back again - Leaf problems - Please advise

    Okay , here we go again . I have 10 little gals . 4 White widow(fem) , 2 auto Blueberry , 2 pineapple , 2 strawberry . My white widows actually had a pretty rough start and I'm not sure but I'm thinking of pulling up a plant and just killing it . I run 1000w HID, heat 80-83 , humidity 65...
  4. J

    Help - Leaves are cupping

    hello all, i am having bit of a problem with my plants, they seem to be cupping, the cupping is coming from new growth and seems to have started happening after i transplanted into bigger pots. i Thought at first it was from the heat and to close to the lights, so i raised all the lights and a...
  5. filmclip

    Mom is sick, please look at my pics.

    Added some moms into a 4x4x7 tent 1 week ago with a 120w LED and four 27w CFL's (100w equiv) Soil grow, (Scott's Moisture Advance, a big mistake, I know) Vegging Feeding GrowMax Water PH always around 6 Soil PH fine as well The tent currently holds 2 indica moms and 1 toddler, 2 sativa...
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