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    Vac seal works read bobrowns way it works woot woot
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    And back to my outdoor blue dream to smoke from hso I really enjoy this taste and smoke wish was a bit stronger in thc but hey I grew it . Proud papa
  3. InTheShed

    Rice Balls to lower RH in jars

    Let me start by talking about the success of @Scientific's oven-dried rice suggestion. :thanks: HOLY MOLY! Toss out your silicone beads and your store-bought desiccants. If you need fast and extreme dehumidifying, GO WITH RICE! The basic info is that rice took the RH in the jar from 75% to...
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    Searched about 6 difference stores but found these babies @[296555:@Derbybud] for my cure for outdoor this year
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  6. Ron Strider

    PA: UDPC OKs Plans For Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Alzheimer's Facility

    Land development plans for an Alzheimer's facility and medical marijuana dispensary both received a nod of approval from the Upper Dublin Planning Commission Nov. 21. The planners recommended the board of commissioners approve the plans along with some waivers. Dresher Care, a one-story...
  7. IndyRacerNick

    Cure going bad on day 1?

    Hello everyone, This is the 3rd plant I have done now since spring, and I have a question regarding the dry and cure The first 2 plants dried in about 3 days, no light, no fans, airflow, no direct air, but humidity was low @ 30%~ When I put into jars there were NO moisture. Very dry buds...
  8. S

    Can Cannabis cure Fibromyalgia?

  9. S

    Medical Marijuana

    How Medical Marijuana helps to cure cancer?
  10. Ron Strider

    PA: Medical Marijuana Shop Planned For Fort Washington Office Park

    A vacant gas station in the Fort Washington Office Park has been tagged as the proposed site of a medical marijuana dispensary, but past flooding on the property could put that proposition on hold. The closed Exxon station at 475 Pennsylvania Avenue – the corner of Pennsylvania and Commerce...
  11. Jackalope

    Malawi Cure

    Malawi Gold from Seeds of Africa was the first landrace sativa I've grown. For a landrace it did grew well indoors. Drying was a bitch. While the buds were firm they dried really airy. Twice I had to put fresh leaves in the jar to re-hydrate them. A trick a old grower taught me. It works...
  12. TopCola

    When do you like to harvest and why?

    This thread is for the experienced growers of 420 magazine to share their harvest techniques and when they like to harvest. This is not a thread giving advice on how or when to harvest. We have all read the numerous "when should you harvest" blogs and we don't need another one. In this thread I...
  13. Ron Strider

    Can Marijuana Cure Cancer? This Company Seeks The Answer

    Is marijuana good medicine for those suffering from cancer? Definitely. Even the federal government agrees that "cannabinoids may have benefits in the treatment of cancer-related side effects." Can marijuana cure cancer? That answer remains elusive, but there are no clinical studies...
  14. T

    Curing time

    Hey there guys I just wanted to get some people's opinion On how long they cure their cannabis in Jars as well as how often you burp them A day/week.
  15. K

    Do I still cure when making kief

    I recently grew a Nirvana short rider for the sole purpose of turning it into kief. Do I still need to cure the plant before. I am using a 220 micro bag with dry ice method Thanks all
  16. W

    Jungle boys grow tip #5 let the plants die on the vine before you cure

    In the los angeles episode of marijuana mania, Ivan from the jungle boys says to let the plant die on the vine before you cure. Can someone explain what this means? Does it mean to stop watering it and let it die before harvesting?
  17. Jackalope

    Cure times?

    One thing I haven't seen here is optimum cure times for certain strains. Cure times really effect taste and smell and take time. How long are your Cure times?
  18. potanna

    Storing buds before curing?

    i wonder if there is any way i could store some dried buds for like 2 weeks and then cure them cause i have to go away for a while
  19. potanna

    Other ways to cure buds?

    hey you guys. so i got a problem with the curing process. my plants are ready for harvest but i will have to go away for a while so i will only have time to dry them. Unfortunately i cant take the buds with me, so i gotta find a way to cure them from distance. To telecure them or to autocure...
  20. D

    How to use CBD/Marijuana to cure throat cancer?

    My dad was just diagnosed with a tumor in his throat which could be cancer. What is the best way to use cbd oil or marijuana to stop the growth of it or kill the cancer cell? How much does he need to take? Please tell me everything you know about this because I know close to nothing about this...
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