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    Outside growing medium darkness light amount
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    How critical is 100% total darkness during 12/12?

    I'm just curious to know if any and all ambient light has to be accounted for when switching to the flowering stage. Is 100% darkness absolutely required and if some minor ambient light does occur during the 12 off of the 12/12 cycle, what effects will it have?
  3. B

    48 hrs of darkness before harvest - Do I leave the fans going?

    Hello I'm just about to take down my first grow and am trying out the 48hrs of darkness before take down. Can anyone tell me if I should leave my intake and outflow fans going during this period of 48 hrs or do I shut everything down? Thanks in advance for your help bctreat
  4. D

    Harvest Time

    Hi, What is the best way to harvest my outdoor grow? I have 9 plants, all have large tops. they aren't heavy in trichomes. I looked through a 30X scope, some are amber. I've taken them indoors because of snow, forecast. I put them under 600w red hps lites, for 2 weeks, starting with 12...
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    How dark?

    I understand when plants are put into flowering the lighting needs to be about 12 on, 12 off and I get the impression that it should be TOTAL darkness during the lights out phase of flowering. My question is this... when my plants sprout and grow, up until the flowering stage, is this "TOTAL"...
  6. trichomes

    Yes? No? Maybe? a Week of Darkness Then Harvest?

    I would appreciate all opinions on this quote I read, it suggests the final WEEK in darkness, (when your trichomes are about where you like them) here's the quote: "it really does make the plant think it is nearing the end of life, so it will stop any new growth on the tops and concentrate on...
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