Harvest Time


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What is the best way to harvest my outdoor grow?

I have 9 plants, all have large tops. they aren't heavy in trichomes. I looked through a 30X scope, some are amber.

I've taken them indoors because of snow, forecast. I put them under 600w red hps lites, for 2 weeks, starting with 12 hrs per day, decreasing lite time each day. I completely turned lites out yesterday, hoping to increase trichomes.

should I continue to water, when they are in 24hrs darkness?

How long should I leave in 24 hr darkness? and what is the next thing I should do?

Any info will help.
If your not organic you'll probably want to flush a week or so before you harvest. But if they're already ready to harvest, just start chopping branches off and hang them up to dry in a cool dark area with airflow.

Some strains just produce less trichs than others, I'd mainly just try to harvest them at your desired trich color(typically 10-30% amber, with more Amber increasing the "couch lock").
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