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  1. Rekt4Sure

    Rekt4Sure's 1st Growth Unkown Strain In Pictures

    Hello, I stumbled across this site in the middle of my first grow in DIY closet. Its only 1 small plant from unknown strain. I found one seed in an old box, bought myself a 10L DWC420 Hydroponics bucket, planted the seed in some RockWool and finally Hijacked the kitchen closet and turned it...
  2. Pinktiger777

    Pink's Perpetual Experiments

    Welcome to my newest journal, all! Those of you who have seen my previous efforts will know that I often jump off the train and then wonder why my legs are broken or worse. I call these efforts "my experiments." I really can't help it. A purely perfect grow, with everything going just peachy...
  3. Q

    Identify my issue

    First pic: just noticed issue. 2nd pic: 2 days later. Current culture Nutrients Feed 1 time a week Deep water culture Temp 68 F PH 6.2 stable EC .35 2nd week of nutrient cycle Magnesium deficiency??? Epsom salt Foliar spray
  4. P

    Blueberry & Kush Skunk DWC Mother Grow!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and this is my first grow journal I've posted online! Also I'm from Canada and BC if that holds any value here! Anyways I started these girls 3 weeks ago and I've been learning as I go but doing numerous amounts of research since this is my first DWC grow. I've...
  5. SebastianDoingBotany

    I'm New To Growing Hydro Did I Get Everything?

    Hello 420Magazine, This is a Marijuana DIY Deep Water Culture set up ready to go. This DWC was made to start my learning process of growing Cannabis Hydroponically. I want to share all my experiences with all of you on my way to becoming a Grow Master. Please leave me a comment and any ideas...
  6. aceknight

    Deep Water Culture System Cleaning

    Fill water buckets with spring or filtered rainwater. Add three teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide to the tank/bucket and run the system for 3 hours. Dump the water and refill with clean water. Before running DWC System again, throw airstones into a pot of boiling water for 13 mins. DO NOT USE...
  7. TheDankDuo

    First Grow - 4x4 - 1000W MH/HPS - DWC

    Hello there everyone of :420: ! This is my first journal as well as my first ever grow, so try not to be to critical :p. I have been stalking the forums here for months, compiling research and soaking up all the wealth of knowledge here...really appreciate the dedication people, awesome...
  8. Smoky da bear

    Hydro bucket question

    Hey guys, I've done 3 successful soul grows. I would like to try a deep water culture bucket grow. Can anyone tell me a specific type or brand? Or what would be important when deciding which to buy
  9. eddieo

    Will this setup work?

    Hi I'm a new grower this will be my first time I'm only going to be growing 1 plant for personal use hydroponically and indoor. Let's start with a list of products I purchased.. Gemini hydroponic dwc with water feeder Tent 50x50x100cm Fan I believe is 125cfm Light 400w MH and HPS for flowering...
  10. 4

    Need advance on setting up perpetual grow op.

    Hi there everyone, I actually meant "I need ADVICE*", I am posting from Australia. Just wanted to know a few things about what I'm setting up, and what potential yield I could generate. I plan on having one grow tent dedicated to 16 plants for veg, another tent for 16 plants for flower, and 16...
  11. A

    Need help setting up a new grow room! with SCROG, LED light, and DWC hydro system !!

    Hi i am new to this forum but I will try to do my Best to describe my question here, I have a grow room right now that is unfortunately too small for the recent needs, I will be upgrading In a 500 sqr foot room. Which I don't plan on using entirely for the moment. The room is situated in a...
  12. K

    How long does it take for plants to start budding

    I have this og plant n it's been flowering about 2 weeks. Does anyone have any advice if really like to know if my plants make or female it's a clone of a female plant.. Please take a look n help me out also if you could check out my other post with all my griw spec on what I'm...
  13. P

    No net pots?

    Hey all, first time poster, and fairly new grower. I've got five gallon buckets that are working fine for my bigger plants. Previously i had started them out in a fairly shallow, large plastic bin i had cut 6 holes in. But now, i'd like to do away with the holes and do a sort of...
  14. D

    100% organic dwc set up

    Im looking to set up a dwc grow room and i want to go 100% organic. with that said i was wondering if any one had any suggestions on how to go about it, manly in the way of what nutrients should i look into getting. I have and am currently researching but there is nothing like first hand advice.
  15. R

    My Second Grow On My Own But My First Journal

    My name:Ruhaa I learn using the Deep Water Culture(dwc) The strain I'm currently growing is Aurora Aurora is a Indica(I belive it a hybred of to 2 differnt strains) They say i can achive 18% to 24% Thc content. Lights: 12 bulb t5 fixture and a 1000watt Hps Grow area: Indoors in a...
  16. N

    Nijntje's 1st Hydro NLX Grow Journal - DWC - Tneon T5

    I'm currently growing 11 NLX plants (8 outdoor / 3 indoor) which is a clone only and mostly indica strain. My outdoor plants are already vegging for about 6 weeks, so I'm not going to cover their progress as often because they're already pretty far ahead. But I'll try to give weekly updates...
  17. D

    High to u all

    Hello ppl I'm here to gain some valuable knowledge on growing.... I have 3 stealth hydro deep water culture sets. For lighting I have a 1000 watt MH/HPSdimmable digital ballast with 19" batwing reflector. I have a closet that is 2x4x8.... I will be growing Big Devil from Sweet Seeds....the dwc...
  18. H

    Deep Water Culture - Blueberry x Juicy Fruit - Lost Strain - Bluejuice LED Grow

    hey everyone I started up another grow, this time with a killer strain I have germinated and got them going in my 'tulip bubbler' I will update pics tonight of my progress :Namaste:
  19. A

    White Widow First Time Grow T5 DWC Closet Grow Hydroponics Indoor

    The Plan Grow White Widow from seeds. Use the 'from seed' plants as mothers to operate a continuous grow. The grow will start in a closet and later move to a room. Once setup, i will perform various experiments using control and test. The Setup Seeds: Pre-germination, then into...
  20. A

    Unknown Seed First Time Grow

    The Plan Grow these unknown (probably crappy) seeds so that when i make a lot of mistakes, i can do it better on my next White Widow Continuous Grow. 420 Magazine ® Set Up Seeds: Pre-germination, then into rockwool. 42watt CFL in a propagation dome with heating mat. Botanicare Liquid...
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