dense buds

  1. djdmaze

    Anybody grow buds like this

    The hard dense tight compact buds. Is it strain? Does this specific grower only pick tight dense strains? Is it more method/skill? I grow hydro and I get fluffy dense crystally buds but hardly ever super tight like this. I also wonder is it simply the trim job? Any thoughts? Any hydro growers...
  2. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Sweet skunk
  3. Shiva Skunk

    Shiva Skunk

    Almost finished!
  4. Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

    One of the tiniest leaves on one of my fav plants. This is her in bloom
  5. Shiva skunk

    Shiva skunk

    Wk 5/6
  6. Momma’s Kitchen

    Shiva Skunk - Bloom W6 - 5 gallon

    My beautiful Shiva Skunk! I was so surprised how this baby has done. Any others grow Shiva Skunk? How was it? Any tips for finishing?
  7. IMG_1973.JPG


    Shiva Skunk... Oozin' loveliness! W5B, indoor, 1000W, soil, well water/PH'ed, Medi One, Big Bud Nutrients
  8. Perfect Sun LED

    How in the hell do they get their buds so hard?

    This is one way to do it very easily.
  9. G

    70 Watt HPS supplemental?

    Hey Gang, So I have a question for the grandmasters here at 420 mag and ANY advice from Any one is VERY much appreciated. My grows are doing well but my buds are not very dense and are really airy though potent. I think this may be from my light? It is a 200 watt T5 High Output from Hydrofarm. I...
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