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70 Watt HPS supplemental?

Grim Reefer T

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Hey Gang, So I have a question for the grandmasters here at 420 mag and ANY advice from Any one is VERY much appreciated. My grows are doing well but my buds are not very dense and are really airy though potent. I think this may be from my light? It is a 200 watt T5 High Output from Hydrofarm. I found someone selling a 70 Watt HPS that I thought I may be able to ADD to the grow space.

My space is 2 foot wide by 2 foot deep and only 3 feet tall. I can fit 5 plants in there in a shared DWC system. I LST them at a 90 degree angle growing from the back of the space toward the front. This gives me many small colas growing up towards the light. Can I put the 70 Watt HPS at the front of the grow space and keep the 2 foot T5 above the plants with out burning them? The HPS would end up being 3 Inches from the plant. My exhaust changes the air out of the space pretty efficiently. (165 CFM Inline in a small area)

P.S. These plants are never Vegged in this space, only flowered. :MoreNutes:


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Greem Reefer T said:
70 Watt HPS supplemental?

A cool HPS tube Light having a glass tube, which are fan is generally applied to the heat of the exhaust fan is removed.
For other questions. I'll let the Grandpa answer them :welldone:
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