1. S

    First time growe with either a disease, pest or nutrient deficiency needs help with a diagnosis

    Hey everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right section, but please do let me know if there's somewhere else that would have been more appropriate. I've noticed some yellowish-brownish spots that in some places look like wounds or burns or something but the appearance in most places is more...
  2. B

    Need Help Identifying Leaf Discoloration

    Hello all I’m a brand new grower and I’m having trouble identifying what this discoloration might be. The plant is bag seed from a dispensary so I don’t have much information on the strain itself but it started very early in growth and has not gone away. All new growth takes on this...
  3. S

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Autoflower Strains - expert gorilla (x3) + Royal Kush Auto (is light green) Lights 18/6 - led’s 1000w(x2), 600w(x2) + + 125w cfl (at bottom facing up) Nutes - green planet (1 part kit) Temp - day=77f-81f, night=70f-74f Humidity - 45-50% Pot Size - 3 gallon fabric Age - 7 weeks Soil ph - 6.8 hi...
  4. C

    Gold/Aluminum Spots On Photoperiod Gorilla Glue Outdoors?

    Hey guys, Saw some aluminum/gold spots on my leaves of a gorilla glue plant that I have outside right now in my yard (it's been inside a grow tent for the previous 7/8 weeks and I moved them outside since I have space in my yard). I am wondering what might cause this? Time so Far: planted...
  5. P

    Please help identifying white stuff on my leaves

    Hello everyone, I just discovered white kinda dust stuff on my leaves. They don’t drop that easy and I dont feel like it’s powdery. I attached pictures for you guys to see. Sorry English is not my first language so I cant really describe it and I’m freaking out.Especially that leaf in the video...
  6. P

    Help identifying white stuff on the stem of my plan

    Hello everybody! I'm a first time grower and I need some guidence from you guys. First some info about my grow: -Strain: she(I hope so) is a bagseed -Tent: 80x80x180 cm / 3x3x6 -Light: I started with 1 20w cfl then switched to 200w DIY Cob LEDs so I believe thats why it had an initial stretch...
  7. L

    What is this? Brown stains on leaf

    My first grow, Royal Dwarf Auto. Humidity 50-60percent, 28 degree celsius, 24/0 cycle, biobizz light mix and bio bizz grow. She is 16 days old and so far she is growing good. I spotted these the first time today and dont know what they could be. It looks like stains but I tried rubbing it and...
  8. Dirlewanger1945

    A little help please!

    Hi, This is my first time growing in coco. I’m using advanced nutrients PH perfect grow, bloom and micro as well as cal/mag. Seed sprouted 12 days ago. 1 leaf is becoming discoloured. Any ideas? Should I be worried? Indoor grow with coco Do si dos Indica 1 plant 450w viparaspectra PH5.8 RH...
  9. Camer41

    Off green blotches need help! Please

    I got an issue with my plant. I’m using a 1000 w equivalent LED about 30 inches away from a 7 week old indoor. I’m only using Fox Farm and I haven’t added any nutrients at all. I pH my tap water to 6.5 and leave the jug out to rid it of chlorine. I don’t think I’m under or overwatering. Do you...
  10. S

    New bud sites turning brown

    What Strain is it? Blueberry, GG#4 How Many Plants? 4 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 2 weeks Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Canna Coco Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many? LED, one 320W and 2 195W Is it Air Cooled? Fan vented...
  11. S

    Yellow spots? Help!

    Hey everyone, my plants are around 35 days old from germination. I just started noticing a few leaves had some yellowish spots on them. I removed the affected leaves, and I'm posting pictures of them. Any help with diagnosing this problem would be great, thanks.
  12. G

    Leaves getting purple, nothing I tried helped

    Hello everyone! As you can see in my pictures, the leaves of my (4 week old Sour Diesel) have gotten purple. She gets 12/12 for a week now but the leaves have been purple before that. Some other facts : temp is ~25 degree Celsius (77F) during lightening and ~23-24 degree Celsius (73,5F-75,2F)...
  13. A

    Clearing Clones for Entry to Grow Room?

    First, thank you to anyone who offers any guidance on a solid/ proven process! I live in a place where lots of vendors offer clones for delivery, but I’ve heard so many horror stories of pests/ disease accompanying stranger clones that I have yet to order any or take advantage. Instead I grow...
  14. Vik

    Got some other problems.

    I think this is a deficit of phosphorus, but im not sure. I gave to the plants some micro nutrient that contain phosphorus inside, leaves keep look like this.. The new little leaves started to burn the tip and the colors are like jellow/brown. What could i do whit it?
  15. Vik

    I'm a new grower and i need your help, if you want to help me :)

    A few month ago i started my own growing, but now i got some trouble in it.. I have no idea how to fight these disease, even didnt know what they are... So i ask help for fix it as faster as i can. Sorry for my bad english, isnt my motherlanguages :)
  16. Growing disease

    Growing disease

    Someone has an idea how to fix this?
  17. Ron Strider

    Scotland In Line For Multi-Million Pound Boost From New Cannabis Industry

    Scotland is set for a multi-million pound boon from the cannabis industry after a worldwide health agency confirmed that the drug provides medicinal relief for a range of ailments. Researchers have examined the health properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) — which is the non-psychoactive ingredient...
  18. Ron Strider

    Can Marijuana Cure Alzheimer's Disease

    Marijuana could be a game changer for this deadly neurodegenerative disorder. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the deposition of Aβ amyloid plaques and twisted tangles of a protein called "tau" in regions of the brain responsible for memory and...
  19. 2

    Problem with sudden death

    Hi all, Newbie here. I need some help please. I have pics here of my sad 8 week old dwarf! It finally died due to something I do not know and need help to figure out if it is a soil borne disease before I plant again. Outdoor grow in soil mix of 40% fresh organic soil mix (Packaged) (No...
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