diy grow cabinet

  1. O

    Rate my DIY custom box build & super new with a few questions!

    (( Pics at bottom )) Hi All, Almost too much info on this site. Thanks in advance to everyone that at one point answered someone elses random questions to reference and get my build off the ground. First my requirements were absolute stealth. No exceptions. Plus to hide this it needed to be...
  2. J

    Please advise - 1st time grower

    Thanks to everyone on advance for any snd and all help. I'm in the process of germinating autoflowering lowrider drawf seeds using the paper towel method. The YouTube video I watched said not to use rock wool or clay pebbles and to only transport the germinated seeds into soil? Correct me if...
  3. T

    DIY Wardrobe Conversion - One Day Project

    This will be my first post on :420:, i appreciate any feedback/tips and advice. I have read so many grow and build journals here, So i thought i would dive in and sign up so i could create my own journals. This DIY journal is just to get used to posting and formatting correctly so i am well...
  4. GROWBOXdude

    DIY stealth CFL grow box - Supreme build (36 x 23.5 x 16)

    Here are some photos of a grow box i made for a buddy of mine. The dimensions are 36 inches tall, by 23.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep. This is a stealth grow box using passive air intake and is equipped with odor neutralizing capabilities. It aso include a 8 bulb cfl light panel with...
  5. SuKaFr33

    SukaFr33's Fourth Indoor Soil Grow - CFLs & OG Kush! Flowering

    Immmm Baaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!! So i started a grow about a month ago and its been doin soo good i just had to come on here and show her off!!!! Its an Og Kush seed that i got awhile ago from the New Years promo that attitude was havin.. I had got a shit load of all different kinds of strains like...
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