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diy hydro/aero/dwc system

  1. WizHigh

    DIY 3 in 1 Hydro system

    3 in 1 DIY Hydro/Clone/DWC Things Youll Need. Home Depot has everything. Just get the air pump from Petco 1. Which ever size tote you'd like to use. In this I used a 3 gallon for people who is minimized with space. 2. 1/2 inch Flexible black tubing about 3feet. (just incase you cut...
  2. A

    Aardvark's New Grow 12 Hybrid Dutch Strains - Seed-SoG-Tent - 600W CFL Hydro-Aero-DWC

    Hey peeps, this is my first real attempt at doing this myself and its good to know so many of us are here to help one another out. This first posting is all about the background and plans for this project. I already have some photos up in my gallery area of my grow, which I just started on...
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