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  1. MediGrower1

    Five's Huge Blue Dream Perpetual In 2 Tents - 1700+ LED Watts - Soil - Nutes

    :welcome::420: Intro: First I want to say that I've lurked on this site for years but I never really signed up or posted. I used to grow meds about 10 years ago but compared to what I'm tackling now I was such a rookie back then. I did manage with some small HPS/MH/CLF no more than 150 watts...
  2. B

    White Cookies Grow! - Powered By DormGrown

    Welcome Fellow Growers! We are starting a new grow powered by Dorm Grows 600W Full Spectrum Led, we'll be doing a complete Journal from start to finish. We're going to be growing a "White Cookies" clone from Crop King Seeds in a 5 gallon bucket using ''Nectar for the Gods'' Nutrient line, this...