Five's Huge Blue Dream Perpetual In 2 Tents - 1700+ LED Watts - Soil - Nutes


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First I want to say that I've lurked on this site for years but I never really signed up or posted. I used to grow meds about 10 years ago but compared to what I'm tackling now I was such a rookie back then. I did manage with some small HPS/MH/CLF no more than 150 watts each but didn't know anything about PH, nutes, micro climate, or anything like that..most of us have been there.. Anyway I've been spending the past few months really diving head first into soaking up as much information as I can from the community and couldn't be more thankful for you guys. Each and everyone of you! :love: I've not only been compiling info, but the tools I need to make this happen and with good results. I lost my father to cancer and because of this I'm rekindling my love for the hobby. It will be therapeutic for me and if I can help cancer research, by all means I will do it! I did start a journal awhile back but its messy and I wanted a fresh start with a proper into. I have OCD. lol. That one will be deleted.

What strain is it?
-MJC Blue Dream, Hybrid.
-Currently in veg, 3 weeks in. (3-4 more weeks for clones)
-Vegging 6-7 weeks. Flower 8 weeks.
-Indoor, controlled Micro Climate.

What Equipment are you using?
-Soil, Fox Farms Ocean Forest + 20% perlite.
-1x 900 watt full spec LED, 2x 90 watt red UFO's, and 2x 300 watt full spec LED's. ~1700 watts between 2 tents.
-6" inline fan for ventilation + carbon filter.
-Small fans + small air purifier inside large tent.
-Humidifier, heater, timer, ect.

Macro Environment?
-~75*F and 50% RH for veg.
-Watering when they need it, every 3-4 days currently. Feed/Feed/Water cycle.
-Full Fox Farm nutrients, Cal Mag, Silica Blast, PH up/down, all neccary meters, PH meter, EC/PPM meter, ect..
-DIY Co2

Perpetual stats:
-5x5x80" flower tent. 36"x36"x70" veg tent.
-Clone King 25 site, Clonex gel + solution.
-Clones -->Solo cup --> 2 gallon smart pot --> 7 gallon smart pot.
-FIM/LST/5x5 Scrog net will be applied. Blue Dream is a grower!

I started from seed, 4 plants. Day one was 12/13/15 (pics get better as we progress) Here we are at day ~6.

One transplanted into a 2 gallon smart pot.

Christmas day in their new homes for awhile, 2 weeks old here.


About 20 days old here.



They are about 23 days old now and finally starting to recover from the FIM with some LST started. I will update once they adjust to the new light in a few days. Hopefully you like my work (its not easy!). Any tips/advice will be always welcome! I'm always looking to progress and improve anything I can. :circle-of-love::thanks:
:welcome: :420:

Good morning and welcome to the worlds greatest grow show! Five, your host is here reporting on some very happy and healthy girls. The FIM was a complete sucess although it did stunt them for about a week, one is coming around now. The rest are exploding with tops. The last 2 will undergo LST starting today to help bush it out like the first 2 I did. I tried 2 different ways to see what worked best and less is more. I like simple.

I'm already seeing roots come out the bottom of these 2 gallon smart pots, although I'm not sure when I will transfer to my 7 gallon pots. On my biggest the stem is the size of my thumb already lol. Silica blast? It works I guess..

Here they are under my new Mars light..much happier. The 900 was too much even at 32"!
Hello everybody! It's that time again for your favorite grow show! Five here reporting after a feeding, more LST and trimming. I will start doing updates on water days or around that time frame. Today they got the heaviest veg feeding yet 65% strength. PPM was 1060 PH'd to 6.50. About 1.5 solo cups full each. Next to no runoff so Im still keeping the waterings light but not too light. Looking happy and healthy. I've started to LST all of them now and switched up my method so it's now consistent throughout. I defol'd a few lower bits and 2 or 3 fan leaves that would slow my new tops. This will help pull them out of the FIM shock. My oldest plant by a few days is exploding with tops, the others are coming around but are a few more days behind

I noticed when doing my last update the roots are showing through the bottom of the smart pots. It's not a ton of them, but enough that I've decided to make the final transplant this weekend. Currently in 2 gallon going into 7 gallon pots. This will allow a few more veg feelings with the root drench in the new space. Also I don't want to risk the plant thinking its out of space..

Everything looks good and they should show some nice gains with the changes I made today + feed by the weekend. Next week they will expolde so stay tuned for a transplant update this weekend!



I'm not sure what is going on with the servers, the last 2 pictures are not mine?! Lol should be these, can a mod remove those?

Almost 4 weeks into this, as a celebration...the veg tent is up! My cloner, new tent, another Mars 300 watt led, and some other things came in today. Looks tiny next to the 5x5 though lol I have my big 900 hanging in there for now the others are still in the boxes.. Just want to fast forward 3 weeks to flowering so I can have both tents up and running so badly!!!


Nice set up! Wish I had separate grow spaces.

On a different note, my son popped a single seed discovered in a dispensary bag of Blue Dream. It's his first grow and that plant was an awesome monster! He's curing it now but from all outward appearances it looks like yield is going to be in the 4 oz range.

Good luck with your grow!

Thanks for the good words! Thats exciting, hopefully it turns out good! I've really never heard anything bad about blue dream, not once lol. I'm hoping to get a good yield!

As of today they are in 7 gallon smart pots! No pictures because they look sad as hell lol. Once they recover in the next day or so I will update.
Good day OG's it's that time again for your favorite grow show, Five here with an update on the transplant as promised! As you already know this weekend marks week 4 and a transplant into 7 gallon smart pots. I used the ocean forest mix with 20% perlite mixed in. After the transplant each got a gallon of water and a good 1100PPM feeding PH'd to 6.5. They have been in their final home for about 24 hours and are recovering nicely. This upcoming week they will get my 900 watt light and the Mars 300 will come down. I want them to recover from the transplant for a few days and start some more LST before they get hit with big boy..

Each plant has 8-10 tops. The FIM really stunted the growth..but the tops and bush effect seem to be working. I will continue to LST them. Stay tuned for an update on LST and my big 900 swap. Cheers!
Hello everyone! Water update, gave them 1/2 gallon each this morning with 3ml silica and 3 ml of cal mag added. Ph set to 6.5. A little more lst on one plant and I decided to add a 2nd Mars 300 instead of swapping to my 900.. Decided to step up a little more slowly, the 900 at this point would still be coming. Cheers!
Here we go! Still a little droopy from the watering, they will perk up! It's only been a few days since transplant and the girls are starting to fill out. 24 hours under the extra 300 watt Mars light.. In a few more days I will LST a bunch of the side branches on each to get them even bushier. The next water is a feed so I'm expecting a real explosion soon!!

Hello again! I wasn't going to make another post but decided to get away from your typical 'here's a update with a few pics' type of deal..

So. I've been doing a ton of reading on uva and uvb supplementation in the later few weeks of much that I've decided to go ahead with it on the first run.. I bought some t5 HO 54 watt reptile bulbs and some fixtures.. I got 4 bulbs and 2 fixtures.. Bulbs came out to be $22.25 each and the fixtures were $50 each. I'll be adding 2 46" fixtures to my LED setup in the flower tent and they will be used in the last 2-3 weeks of flower. The bulbs only last 8 months but used this was they should last a few years at cost wise I think it's not that bad.. $140 to add 108 watts of uva/uvb light.
It's that time again! Week 5 is complete. More LST every few days, topped 2 of the plants again aswell. They aren't exactly huge for being 5 weeks old but are little bushes! I will veg for at least another week, probably 2 so I can cut clones. Yesterday they got a feeding, one gallon each and loved it! Today I took a few more lower leaves off and the DIY C02 got a recharge. They seem healthy.

Thank you guys! I'm glad some people are looking because if I'm doing something wrong I need the advice lol. It's a lot of work really, more than I thought. Once the work has been put in, it's on auto for a few days..but seems there's always tending to be done.

Today I put larger overflow trays under the smart pots. Had 12" which they didn't even really fit in lol, now I have 16". They seem to be exploding since being in the bigger pots. Next time they will go in sooner.. I also did a bunch more LST, tied them way down again.

I still have them under 2 Mars 300 LEDs @ ~20" away. I will be putting my G8 900 watt up soon..probably tomorrow. One more day of recovery from the LST I did and then they will get the big light. I don't think they will be flipped to 12/12 next week unless they put on a bunch of growth.. They are still bushing out and the growth isn't there to start cutting clones. They need to be bigger from the pics I've seen on here.. Just guessing since I'm still learning.
Thank you guys! I'm glad some people are looking because if I'm doing something wrong I need the advice lol. It's a lot of work really, more than I thought. Once the work has been put in, it's on auto for a few days..but seems there's always tending to be done.

Your might even say it's a statement of how well you are doing, nobody has had any need to jump in and say anything. You are killing it and everything looks great.


I can't resist the LA signal, I'll thank him for pointing out a great new grow and a fantastic journal.
Hey Five,
Looking great and I enjoy the updates.
Working 14hr/days but have to make hay when you can :D
Looking forward to the progress and hope to start my own journal some day :circle-of-love:
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