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  1. Filtered Beauty Shot of Stumpy

    Filtered Beauty Shot of Stumpy

    As the title says ;). My star performer for this outdoor season.

    The Blue Experience - Kharma Reborn

    Auto's are like a chick that breaks up with you the first time you piss her off. She isn't as cute or as voluptuous as her counterpart but she is low maintenance, which just makes you comfortable in sticking around. Photo's on the other hand, will let you fuck up a few times and take you back...
  3. InTheShed

    First Grow - Outdoor Autoflower Blueberry & AK-47 In Pots With Dr. Earth Soil

    Greetings! After all the research I've done (and a lot of it on this site), I thought I'd create a grow journal as I've gotten much info out of others' experiences. I'm currently growing two autoflower strains from ILGM: Blueberry (advertised specs: 15/85 indica dominant, ~14%THC, ~32" tall...
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