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    Completed ItsNatural's - Scrog - Truthband - MoneyMaker - Lemonskunks - Earthjuice - CFL/LED

    Hello :420: Im back again so lets get straight to the good stuff. What strain is it? First up is 2 Green House Lemon Skunk Feminised INFO ON LS Genetics: Skunk x Citral Effects... Stoned and long-lasting.. it creeps as high but evolves into a full body experience Flowering indoor...
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    Earth Juice Elements

    Sup 420 Growers Question, I have a DWC/mister setup. This is my 6th or 7th grow. I am trying to switch to all organic. My intent is to improve taste and strength. (open to suggestions) The reviews that I've read point to EarthJuice nutes. They have a hydro line called...
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    Earthjuice, Sugarpeak Deep Water Culture Problem

    I run a dwc with Earthjuice Sugarpeak (Leaf growth, Catalyst, Flowering, Briximus Maximus & Grand Finale), I use one 300w Led in a 1 x 1 x 2 meter tent, two 3000Lph air compressors and a cheap black airpump. I started with 5 seedlings but now i have only two, almost three due to another persons...
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