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    Wrek0ne East Coast Outdoor Patio Grow - Growology - 1st Grow

    What strain is it? Royal queen fem. critical Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 40% sativa 60% indica If in Veg... For how long? Seedling Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Blackgold cocoblend If soil... What size pot? 4" planter /...
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    Another Rookie checking in, In need of advice!

    How's it going fellow cannibus friends, this is my first post and currently in the works of starting my first grow. Right now I'm working on gathering all the materials i need to get started . I have 2 auto easy ryder on the way plus 1 fem critical and 2 haze skunk seeds.im planning on growing...
  3. F

    Lowrider2/AK47 (EasyRyder) 50 days from seed!

    This cola, 50 days young from seed, measures 14"!! Ten days, give or take to go! Small closet soil grow with 4 luscious ladies. Who says you can't get a good yield from a few auto-flowers?! Anyone care to give an opinion what they'll yield? Peace everyone :tokin:
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    Low Rider#2/AK47 at Day 48!

    Here they are at day 48 from seed! Never doubt the effective yield of well tended Easy Ryder!!
  5. F

    Thinning out the foliage towards the end of flowering stage?

    I know that the cutting out of leaves is generally a no-no, however I have a small closet grow where the foliage is so dense that light to the lower bud sites is severely restricted. I am within 10 days or so of finishing, trichs are developing nicely, colas are immense. Is it OK to thin the...
  6. SoilGuy

    SoilGuy's LED Indoor Soil Grow, Easy Ryder & Diesel Ryder

    Hey 420Magazine Forum, This is my first grow in awhile so please give me all your comments, suggestions, and questions. This is an indoor organic soil grow in a Growlabs GL40 The soil is Fox Farms Ocean mix 100% Nutrients are still up in the air. Will either be Canna or Advanced...
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