Australia, VIVOSUN Smart Grow System Is Here For You!

    🇦🇺 Australia, Our VIVOSUN Smart Grow System has arrived at your doorstep! 💚Plus, Extra AU $25 OFF with code MAYSMARTGROW for VIVOSUN Aerolight 100W w/ Growhub E42 Controller! 💚Extra AU $20 OFF with code GROWTENTKIT for VIVOSUN 3x3FT Smart Grow Kit AeroLight 100W LED AeroZesh 4'' Air Filtration Kit!
  2. I

    Has anyone used these LED lights?

    Has anyone used one of these lights from ebay ? I plan to use a 1000W Hanging LED Grow Light Panel Indoor Veg Full Spectrum Power UK in a 80x80x120. Ive used cfl and hps lights before in larger tents so i know how hot they get and this time i want to try LED lights but im not sure if this light...
  3. dadums

    Can't get cheaper than this

    Someone asked if these worked so since I has a CPU heat-sink laying around I bit and got it on Ebay for $2.80 Very bright
  4. T

    Advice on LEDs - Opinions & Expertise Wanted

    Im thinking of switching from HPs to LED lighting and would love some advice on which LEDs i should purchase AND HOW MANY for my 48x24x60 grow tent
  5. B

    LED Gro- Light Information 30x30

    Hi Guys just doing some research on these Cheap LED Grow lights found for approx $30-$45 are they much chop?. Iv been using one for the past few weeks, however it seems that my grow is progressing alot slower than some others that have started around the same time as me. Is it Due to my LED...
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