1. OGeMann

    EC and PPM chart

    here is a conversion chart i made up, hope it helps (EC)----(PPM.5)------(PPM.7)-------(CF):same as EC .4---------200-------------280-----------4-----seedling/ rooted clones .6---------300-------------420-----------6----- .8---------400-------------560-----------8-----veg...
  2. J

    Soil run off pH/EC, high EC in run off water: does this matter?

    Just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions about testing run off water - especially for ec - I watered last night and thought I would check the ec of run off and it came out to 5.9. In soil plant looks nice and green, had acidic soil for the past week but just corrected this problem...
  3. K

    Canadian Xpress Nutrients

    hey kinda new to the forums been growing for few years now with pretty decent results, But always looking to pick the brains of other well experienced growers as you can never stop learning right. I am currently using the canadian xpress coco line of nutrients and all their additives + Cmx for...
  4. D

    Help needed with different growing methods?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to learn more about the different methods of growing. I'm more looking for what the EC/PPM levels and the watering regimes should be for them all? I've read around :reading420magazine: but can't find anyone that clearly explains them all. Any help for me? :idea:
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