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  1. Ron Strider

    Marijuana In Idaho: Elko County Bans Dispensaries Outside Cities

    Marijuana may be legal in Nevada, but don't expect dispensaries to join casinos among Jackpot's illegal-in-Idaho tourist draws. A majority of voters in Elko County, as in most of the state's more Republican counties, voted against the legalization initiative that passed with 54 percent of the...
  2. K

    NV: Editorial - Countdown To Legal Marijuana In Elko County

    President-elect Donald Trump, legalized marijuana, gun background checks ... Nevadans are still reeling from last week's election results. Big changes are ahead, and if you are like most people you have a lot of questions. Perhaps no issue has raised more eyebrows in this part of the state...
  3. K

    NV: Elko Grapples With Legalized Marijuana

    Elko — With the passing of the Question 2, Elko is still trying to figure out the impact the law will have for the city and the county. Question 2 approves recreational marijuana use and allows someone to carry up to an ounce of marijuana on them. The law also allows someone to grow up to six...
  4. R

    CA: Elko Extends Ban On Medical Marijuana Shops

    Elko is extending its ban on medical marijuana shops despite comments from residents who want it lifted. Elko Daily Free Press reporter Marianne McKown says most people who attended the meeting last week spoke in favor of the dispensaries. "Pretty much everybody who got up said that they...
  5. R

    Nevada: Elko Council Seeks Input On Medical Marijuana

    Should Elko allow medical marijuana establishments within the city limits? The Elko City Council wants to hear from you. The Council voted 4-1 Tuesday to table a resolution extending a two-year ban on those businesses until 2018. "I see this as an opportunity the City ought to consider,"...
  6. S

    Elko NV Medical Cannibis doc

    looking for an MD or DO that will prescribe marijuana for my medical condition. Have grower and card from previous state, need prescription from doc in Elko NV or surrounding area. Thanks.
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