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  1. T

    My Very First Time

    Hi everyone, Toke (for short) here, I hope y'all are well. I'm really excited but also trying not to get overwhelmed. As it is titled, this is my first time growing! I've been reading a great amount of information...there's ssooo much lol. Oy vey. But, I'm determined to succeed. Ordering...
  2. N


    Hey, My name is Nyssa, I am new here, starting my first real grow and I am so excited!
  3. K

    First time DWC newb trying to do as good as I can on a budget

    excited to finally join the community! i got my medical card last march and started my first cycle of 4 plants got a couple mars hydro 600w leds very excited to see what dwc can do!
  4. T

    Excited be on this forum!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say I am excited to be on this forum. A college friend and my self are working on starting consulting. We have B.S. in horticulture from one of the nations top horticulture schools, over 15 years combined experience in horticulture sciences. I am excited to share our...
  5. BCrisis420


    Super newbie here. Started doing research online and on youtube...then i started to write down things in a journal. I felt like I needed to find a community because I can't really talk to anyone else I know about what I got going on. I told my mom but she's not a huge fan of the idea, but I'm...
  6. TrplJacks

    First Time Growing My Favorite Plant

    What's up everyone!? I have been doing some secret squirrel research on here for a little while and I am excited to see how this is going to turn out. I decided to build my own grow box because it gave me something to do. I'm going to try and keep my posts short but I'll be uploading pics and...
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