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  1. Dmanlee

    New to 420 and new to growing - Check out my journal and join me in my journey

    Join me on my adventure this is only my second grow and will be topping and lsting my 5 autoflower 2 Pineapple Kush 1 express 1 cheese and 1 Girl Scout cookies .. Should be fun stop In click some likes share some info and tips and just to chat .. Happy growing everyone Autoflowers...
  2. LiveAndLetGro

    Here We Grow Again: LALG's 2018 4x4 DWC LED

    Here we grow a"grin" :cool027: Strain: Charlie Sheen aka Tigers Blood (photo, 183 days old), Purple Express Auto's, that's all, for now. Setup: DWC in a 4x4x8 Gorilla Grow Tent, 2x20 gallon totes, 6'' carbon filter and fan for exhaust, Temp controlled room Lighting: 2x600 watt Viparspectra...
  3. S

    Looking for reliable information on the strain Pineapple Express #2 by G13

    Hi, I'm looking for a strain which gives me a high yield and a short time till harvesting. Found the strain Pineapple Express #2. G13 gives the following informations: Pineapple Express by G13 Labs Seeds is impressive but here we are with improved version of this amazing plant. Highly...
  4. O

    First Pineapple Express

  5. K

    CA: Pineapple Express Pot Company Sued Over $685K In Unpaid Bills, Attorney Says

    A Desert Hot Springs marijuana grow collective spearheaded by the daughter of Hustler's Larry Flynt is being called "a bunch of smoke and mirrors" by an attorney suing the business contending it failed to pay three local companies nearly three quarters of a million dollars for their services...
  6. odinsmaster

    Odin's 2nd Go - Pineapple Express In Soil

    How's it going everyone, this will be my 2nd grow, you can see my first in my signature. I built a new room for this grow had to get out of the spare bedroom and go stealth. I will post pics of the room tonight. I will start my seeds as soon as my water lines thaw out, we hit -10° F...
  7. T

    TheHillBilly's Pineapple Express Auto Grow - Soil - LED

    Hey, all! I am starting this Pineapple Express Auto Grow- same tent, same setup and environment as I have for the Blue Mystic Auto and the Blueberry Auto (both currently growing). I will begin posting plant pics as soon as she sprouts. Here is the set up: Breeder: Barney's Farm Strain...
  8. B

    Book's Second Auto Grow - Bubblegum & Northern Lights

    Space 0.70x0.70 metres2 1.70 metres tall interior lined with reflective emergency blanket 1x passive air intake 1x extraction fan with carbon filter 1x fan circulating air Conditions 400w Solarmax Bulb on an 18/6 cycle 15 Litre pots Soil 80% organic potting mix 20% cutting mix...
  9. P

    Girls sayin Hey

    Purple Express Automatic / Royal Madre
  10. K

    Fast Buds Pineapple Express Auto - Mid-Summer Quickie

    All three took less than 48 hours to germinate
  11. P

    Freedom Purple Express Auto

    Seedling bursting soil. I'll call this Day 1. 400 watt HPS, 3100 Wattached fluo and a rack of fluo tubes on side
  12. Sypherz

    Auto Seeds Polar Express

    Just got my seeds yesterday and wondering if anyone has grown Auto Seeds Polar Express Auto Fem before.. If so what is the yeild and plant heighth.. Any info on this strain would be helpful.. Thanks in advance