1. B

    What's up everybody!

    But listen y'all I've got two auto blueberry that's 2 1/2 weeks old but they keep falling. And I have them in a grow tents and everything what should I do?
  2. J

    Nitrogen deficiency lockout

    I was planning to switch to flower in 2 days. I watered yesterday but didn't use any nitrogen. Today leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Can I start flowering without fixing the nitrogen problem?
  3. D

    Yellowed & crispy leaves - Falling off vegetative stage?

    The leaves at the bottom has gotten so crisp or soft and crumpled up to the point they've just fallen off. I hadn't given them any nutrients yet because I was told to wait until the 3-4th week to give nutrients. I have started LST and using pipe cleaners to bend some of the stems and I have...
  4. S

    Plants falling over! Newbie needs help fast

    I have a 4 ft plant that is falling over! She appears to be healthy, blooms everywhere. Ive been feeding her all the things that this page has suggested. I've put so much work into these girls and need help ASAP. I'm about to rush out for more dirt( to build the base up) and to buy some sort of...
  5. H

    Leaves dying and falling - Cannot find solution - pH 6.4 - Indoor - Please help!

    Hello all, would anyone know what the cause of this is? Grow in soil - bat guano - california vermicompost Mixture Leaves turning brown and falling. (Please see 3 pics up, and 1 below. All from same plant)
  6. C

    Yellowing Leaves and Possibly Black Necrotic Spots.

    This is my Second Grow and I believe I may have more than one issue. My lower leaves are yellowing with black spots/marks. They sometimes turn light brown, crinkle up and fall off. Others I just put the littlest amount of pressure and they fall right off. As well it seems to be moving up the...
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