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    FFT DAY 29
  2. T

    carmerlo fast seeds

    Hey guys this is one of my first outside seasons and I want ask your opinion about carmerlo fast seeds, could it grow in a Lithuania (In summer, here sun shines 12/12 and temperature is from 19-35 C). Anyway I'm taking risk and ordering and also planning to try some others strains, so please...
  3. MostlySativa

    Mostly Sativa Grow (Trainwreck GHS, and MS Hybrid)

    Was up ppls this is Mostly on my second offical grow. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and have the full line of Advanced Nurient products including Connoissuer. I have two seperate rooms. My veg room is equiped with a 400 mh and a 150 hps and for the flowering room, there is 2 400s and a 150 so...
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