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  1. C

    Calaveras Kid 420 Music

    I am blasted by rap music during harvest by the youngsters.. I wish they could chill out musically Please go ahead and add your favorite here I have been enjoying this one a lot lately.. Somking my keef this Christmas morning and drinking my coffee
  2. intuitional


    Looking for some bluegrass fans. I'm looking for some recommendations and I want to hear your favorite bands. My favorite bands at the moment are Old Salt Union, The Last Revel, and The Steel Wheels. I want to expand my library so let's hear what your favorites are
  3. M


    List your favorite thing to eat stoned or favorite weed-infused food... Ready? ~ GO! Mine is Talenti caramel cookie crunch gelato.
  4. TorturedSoul

    Do You Like Rabbit?

    Me, too! Post your favorite recipes here.
  5. H

    Herbies Competition - Win Herbies Goodies! - September 2016

    COMPETITION TIME!!!!! How would you like to win: A Homegrowers Manual A Herbies Hoodie A Herbies T-Shirt A Selection of goodies (we choose the goodies!) We will pick the winners at random on Thursday 29th September at 12 noon We are also including 5 runner up prizes. The...
  6. Budd Aldrin

    What potency and taste enhancers do you use?

    We all love potency and flavor.(my favorite subject) We love bigger buds too but this thread Will focus on Trichome producers. You can add your bud builders too. Break it down for us, what makes your enhancer so good. Humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, vitamins, molasses... you name your...
  7. D

    Favorite CKS Strain

    Curious to hear everyone's favorite CKS strain. I get so confused on the other sites. CKS has the website mastered.
  8. B

    Looking for Headband seeds

    Im new signing up today....I have ordered from Crop Kings in Canada but they don't carry my favorite strain. Headband. Can someone recommend a place I can mail order some seeds. A reputable place.
  9. jddrews

    Clone shops in Portland, OR

    Hello Portland peeps, I grew my first batch from seed last year, but I'm going with clones this time around. Anyone have any favorite places to buy clones? I'm a recreational user, no med card. Thanks!
  10. cannilingus


    cut at 63 days. I am guessing, ill get 2.5, maybe three oz off this plant. Of all the strains ive grown, this is not my favorite smoke, but, it is, in fact, the most POTENT ive grown.