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female feminized seeds

  1. IndyRacerNick

    Indy's 1st DWC: White Widow Photoperiod

    Howdy folks!! Been a few months since I last started a journal. Was very busy with work and moving. I did manage to grow 2 autoflowers during this time, however things got real over the past 4-5 months. I was awarded a ACMPR for 5 grams a day and a license from Health Canada for 25 plants for...
  2. CannaPot

    PhenoFinder - All Strains Reduced At CannapotHempshop

    Hiho :cheer2: We have reduced all strains by PhenoFinder Seeds at our shop - check out here: Pheno Finder - sought after phenotypes of modern cannabisseeds Phenofinder has many interesting strains like Purple Strawberry Bliss, Lemon Bubble, LA Fire or Grapefruit Diesel. All packs...
  3. J

    Please Help! - Male or Female?

    Happy New Year!! have a quick question if anyone can drop some knowledge on me, do you guys think these are seeds? Thanks.
  4. LilManBudz

    first real shot at great bud... Dutch passion white widow general tips.

    Hi All, This is my girl... This is my grow journal with probably too much info... My grow journal I want to try to make this as comprehensive as possible as kind of a strain review for Dutch passion... I only bought one seed and it looks like she is a winner so far, and I have seen...
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