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feminized marijuana seeds

  1. Weed Seeds Express

    WeedSeedsExpress Deals: In's & Out's And More

    Hi Ladies and Gents! It's David here from Weedseedsexpress! Hope you all do well! @Teddy Edwards, reminded us to start a dedicated sponsor thread (thank you Teddy!) so we can keep you in the loop of all the nice things that are happening at Weedseedsexpress! Of course, we won't burden you...
  2. S

    Terms used in growing and strain selection

    I am bamboozled when I see plants coated in what appears to be a sugary coating. WTF is this and how do I get some? Its about the coolest thing I have seen, Is it a goody or a badie? next question is WTF is Auto Flowering when a seed is described? I have seen this over and over but do...
  3. M

    Mrs. Natural Feminized

    although I have been growing marijuana for quite a while, I am really new at talking about it publicly. so here is what happened. I started this post in a wrong category could not figure out how to move it so I am starting it over in the right category. sorry about that. the gear: 400 watt...
  4. Mr Ganja

    Growing some Sticky Weed

    Whatsup ma fellow tokers!!:lot-o-toke: This is my first grow, all the information i have gathered to do this is compiled from a number of forums. Just though i'd show you my shit...........see if i am doing ok. Any tips appreciated!!! On my 6th day from seedling. I am using Barney's...
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