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feminized marijuana seeds

  1. S

    Terms used in growing and strain selection

    I am bamboozled when I see plants coated in what appears to be a sugary coating. WTF is this and how do I get some? Its about the coolest thing I have seen, Is it a goody or a badie? next question is WTF is Auto Flowering when a seed is described? I have seen this over and over but do...
  2. M

    Mrs. Natural Feminized

    although I have been growing marijuana for quite a while, I am really new at talking about it publicly. so here is what happened. I started this post in a wrong category could not figure out how to move it so I am starting it over in the right category. sorry about that. the gear: 400 watt...
  3. Mr Ganja

    Growing some Sticky Weed

    Whatsup ma fellow tokers!!:lot-o-toke: This is my first grow, all the information i have gathered to do this is compiled from a number of forums. Just though i'd show you my shit...........see if i am doing ok. Any tips appreciated!!! On my 6th day from seedling. I am using Barney's...
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