feminized seeds

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    Gettin' ready for the outdoor heat in Toronto. 2 Northern Lights, 1 Blueberry Ak-47, 2 Trainwreck.
  2. mrking

    Veg, Clone, Flower, Force Pollen With Colloidal Silver, Pollinate Mother For Feminized Seeds

    I currently have a 20:1 CBD hybrid growing outdoors and happened to come across an article on creating feminized seeds with colloidal silver. Well, now I have to try it. :) The strain is a real hodge podge consisting of " AC/DC Clone X Columbian X Thai X Swiss X Nepalese Landrace X (Some sour...
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    GDP Grand Daddy Purple Sprayed with Colloidal Silver showing pollen Sacs
  4. D

    Fussy Feminized Seeds

    :yikes: hello, new to the forum, thanks for havin me - extremely happy crop king customer, but have to see if there are other growers out there who have used feminized seeds that are fussy. for the record i am a seasoned grower and have always done it by the seat-of-my-pants and always had...
  5. Icemud

    Icemud's How To Make Feminized Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

    Hey Everyone!!!! I'm back with another exciting grow, and on this journal I will be going through the process I use to create feminized seeds. I have done this only 1x before but had 100% success so I figured I would create a new journal that shows my process so all of you can follow along as...
  6. KingJohnC

    KingJohnC's Twilight Groups LED 432W Spider COB Seed Cabinet Grow Journal & Review

    Welcome to my KingJohnC's Twilight Groups LED 432w Spider COB Seed Cabinet Grow Journal and Review! This grow journal is sponsored by Twilight Groups LED Twilight Group Co., Ltd Crab led aquarium light, LED Aquarium Light, CREE Aquarium Light, LED Grow Light, LED Hydro Grow Light...
  7. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Best Selling Top 10 Feminised Seeds

    Check out Herbies Best Selling Top 10 Feminised Seeds Including the NEW IN STOCK Cannabis Cup Winner - Strain Hunters Money Maker Seeds. A true Master Kush, Cannabis Cup winner in the early 90s, presented in feminized form. www.herbiesheadshop.com/feminised-seeds
  8. toker69

    How to Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver - Sponsored by Intelligent-Gro LED

    Hi Everyone I'm toker69 Yay! :thumb: Welcome to my Colloidal Silver journal! I'm working on a six month project of making my own Feminized Autoflowering Seeds. First on my feminizing list is a midsize potent strain named "Himalayan Blue Diesel" Here's the HBD breakdown! Type : Auto...
  9. KingJohnC

    KingJohnC's 400 Watt LA Confidential Seed Cabinet Soil Indoor Grow Journal

    What strain is it? LA Confidential Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 100% Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? vegetative switching to flower If in Veg... For how long? 65.7 days, 29.8 days since topped at 4 nodes 15 days under 400 watt Metal Halide If in Flower stage... For how...
  10. M

    Mrs. Natural Feminized

    although I have been growing marijuana for quite a while, I am really new at talking about it publicly. so here is what happened. I started this post in a wrong category could not figure out how to move it so I am starting it over in the right category. sorry about that. the gear: 400 watt...
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