1. Bonding


    I can't for the life of me harvest the pollen, so I am hoping that they do their own thing and I don't contaminate the neighbourhood. How far can pollen travel?
  2. T

    With this soil recipe will I need to fertilize?

    I found this soil mixture online, and I'm wondering if and when I should fertilize with nutrients. 50% soil 20% bat guano 10% organic seafood fertilizer 5% organic mix (roots/bark/etc) Thanks.
  3. W

    Strange problem

    Just started growing 3 seeds of borderline extreme fem. One is short, but otherwise normal. The second shows brown tips on fan leaves with a little yellow edge along the brown. The third is loosing it's leaves as though something was digesting the lower half of the leaf blades. I use...
  4. S

    Fertilizer . Opinion on brand N-P-K ratio and dosage

    hey, i recently have bought this fertilizer just wanted some opinions on the recommended dosage . n-p-k ratio and any other advice. TIA
  5. R

    Growing males for seed production.

    Hi everyone, im pleased to join you, ive been reading these forums for a while and they are by far the most useful ive seen. Ill do my best to add something to this experience. :cool: I'm about to order 2 packs of regular seeds from nirvana, bubblelicious and white widow. I was thinking...
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