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Just started growing 3 seeds of borderline extreme fem. One is short, but otherwise normal. The second shows brown tips on fan leaves with a little yellow edge along the brown. The third is loosing it's leaves as though something was digesting the lower half of the leaf blades.

I use general hydro 3 part with BX Pro and 2 gallon bags. PPM was at 1350 (strawberry ice does fine) and ph is kept between 6 and 6.5. I have brought the ppm down to @850. I fertilize Mon,Wed,and Fri. Sunday I only water (ph adjusted) and have plenty of run off wether I water for fertilize. This problem started in the grow phase and is now in flower starting the 3rd week.

one image is yellowish due to the HPS, the leaves are nice and green
Think you need to back off on the ferts imo. Same thing I used to do all the time might be wrong. Looks like you are frying them by tips and they basically burning up and crisping from ferts. GL :Namaste:
I lowered the nutrients to 850 ppm about a week before these turned. Strange that this is the only plant doing this. I put a piece of sticky trap paper and got several small flies
Any idea what it is?
That sucks looks like a fungus gnat. Fast way to kill is BT bacillus thuringiensis bacteria. Let top of soil get dryer between feeding and more air circulation over top of soil. GL I hate bugs.:Namaste:
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