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  1. G

    Help! Yellow leaves

    leaves turning yellow? We’re starting to turn yellow Thursday, watered them Friday checked on them this morning and getting even more yellow! Why is this??? I’m growing in Promix Bx, last ph level was at 5.6. 18 hours of light/6 hours of dark... I did add some nutrients Friday, ppm was around...
  2. G


    Autoflower Girl Scout cookie seeds. Growing my ladies in Promix, 5 gal totes. What are ppms supposed to be at for seedlings? Also what about for veg?? I’ve been keeping my seedlings and veg ppm around 300. I was told today 500 ppm is best for seedling/veg. In the past I NEVER measured ppm and I...
  3. OGeMann

    EC and PPM chart

    here is a conversion chart i made up, hope it helps (EC)----(PPM.5)------(PPM.7)-------(CF):same as EC .4---------200-------------280-----------4-----seedling/ rooted clones .6---------300-------------420-----------6----- .8---------400-------------560-----------8-----veg...
  4. Cheese is drinking

    Cheese is drinking

    Wk 3
  5. Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Very useful chart for those who grow using hydroponic methods.
  6. K

    Canadian Xpress Nutrients

    hey kinda new to the forums been growing for few years now with pretty decent results, But always looking to pick the brains of other well experienced growers as you can never stop learning right. I am currently using the canadian xpress coco line of nutrients and all their additives + Cmx for...
  7. F

    High and low pH and ppm

    What causes a big fluctuations in ph in a soil grow when u follow manufactures mix details. I would also like to know what a ppm should be going into a soil grow and a exit ppm. Thanks in advance for your replys
  8. unkied

    Question About Nutrients vs. pH Level

    Hi all, I hope this is an easy question to answer, but I'm new to this, and can't find any "Mixing Nutrients in Water For Dummies" book, so I'll ask here: My 4 girls are 9 weeks old, living in FFOF, and I want to get my nutes to most commonly recommended levels - I see the levels...
  9. J

    Please help me! Nutrients deficiency or burn?

    she 3 weeks old ppm 550 ec 1200 ph 5,8-6,2
  10. N

    Veg looks terrible and I have no ideas left - Help me troubleshoot!

    Here are the details: Room: 160 sq ft. Indoor. Temp set to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity set to 64%. CO2 at 1000. Lights: 6 gavitas at 500 watts for total of 3000 watts Medium: botanicare cocogro coir fiber in 5 gallon smart pots. Water: RO in 50 gal res Nutes: GH Cocotek grow a and b...
  11. S

    Hello all

    can someone please tell me what is wrong with this plant. I recently moved it to a General Hydroponics 66 with a flora grow solution at the weakest strength. The ppm is 900 or so, ph is 6.0, water temp is around 70 and the air temp is 75. I appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks
  12. M

    DWC Topping off res PPM questions

    Hellow everyone! I've got some questions regarding topping off reservoir with water, but not with plain PH'd water, but I want to increase PPM level to some point. This is my second dwc grow, but first was just to test if I can pull it off so I was totally clueless what I was doing, yet it was...
  13. vyserage

    33 day old tips & spots - Nute burn?

    Hey everyone, this is coming from my thread over at: Vyserage's First Indoor Soil Grow - 2017 My issue is as the image shows below. I have had those spots/tips like that for atleast 2 weeks now. Its very slowly increasing and the other plants also appear to be doing the same at a...
  14. G

    THC Biomed Clones - Opium & Atomical Haze

    Tent 2'x4'x6' Lights: Meizhi 278w led, 315W Ceramic Metal Halide, Gavita Pro DE 750w HPS Intake: 4" vortex with a Horti Control Shroom filter Exhaust: 6" vortex and 6" carbon filter Soil: Promix Organic Herb and Veggie mix Strains: Opium and Atomical Haze from THC Biomed, Temp:25-28C...
  15. dieselskunk

    Dieselskunk's DWC - Amnesia & Skunk#1 - August 2017

    Here goes my 1st journal attempt. I have an Amnesia clone and 2 Skunk #1 clones started under a 2" T5 bulb DWC using Olivia's and Hydro Guard. I had 600 ppm for the grow 18 hours of light and the air temp was around 65* . It was around 6 weeks and they were growing well and had nice roots so...
  16. S

    First grow nearing harvest and I need help

    This is my first grow and I am using Autoflower Northern Lights in a coco/perlite 60/40 mix with Fox Farm nutrients per there recommended schedule. I am nearing the end of week 9 and one plant is nearing maturity faster. The last two weeks I fed Fox Farms Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom...
  17. vyserage

    Help perfecting my grow plans - Almost ready to start!

    First off, thanks to anyone and everyone that helps! I'm about to start my first time grow and i have looked up a LOT of things and ordered some decent starting gear. The first thing im going to do when i get my tent/light is start my seeds. My plan: The seedlings: i'll use your basic red...
  18. Klaatu

    PH and PPM drop before using nutes

    I'm using FFOF soil in 3- 5 gal. buckets strain is Pure Power Plant sativa dom. R.O. water, GH flora Trio (yes I know they're hydro nutes but they CAN be used in soil) but after this grow, I'm switching to Fox Farm nutes. I also use Cal/Mag 1 tsp. per gal. and Hydroguard, as well as a little...
  19. HigherTheHigh

    Filtering water to lower ppm?

    hello all! i read somewhere this morning if you filter water through a carbon filter it can make the water more pure. is this true? i have a 4 inch carbon filter i could use but i dont want to pretty much break it or ruin it if its not going to do anything. does anyone have an idea...
  20. HigherTheHigh

    Safe ppm for harvest & hydro ppm

    im growing in coco/perlite 60/40 mix, 20L pot and started feeding 2L of just water from last saturday, today i flushed them with 32L and the end run of was 150 on 3 and 280 on another, i plan to harvest next saturday making it a 14 day flush, is 150ppm would be okay for harvest wouldnt it? my...
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