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  1. Swaz


  2. TK2


  3. Blueberry


  4. Odd Shaped Leaves

    Odd Shaped Leaves

    How odd. What can be the cause of the odd shaped leaves?
  5. Discolouration


    What can be the cause? This is growing in a large coco pot that has had one previous plant in it. Is that a problem?
  6. bonez4man

    Hello, newbie with a problem

    hi there, iv grown a few times before, never in coco until this current grow. my babies are about 3 weeks in, i got 10 green gelato seeds from royalseeds and got 5 critical free. 14 popped, 9 gelato and all 5 critical all looking good. after transplanting into bigger seedling pots from the small...
  7. P

    Leaves curling

    I’ve got two plants who leaves are curling in the edges. What could be the cause of this?
  8. Brbcp

    Help my plant's innocent leaf problem

    Hi anyone can help me please what my plants problem ? Im use 300 watt cfl there is 25C in grow room maybe max 28C my plant 42 days old im give plagron pk 13-14 . First the bottom leaves start turn yellow where no light . But some day ago everywhere leaves turning barely yellow from the edge. And...
  9. L

    Help problem with leaves on seedling

    Hi all, I have a problem with my seedling, leaves are green and pinged up but look rough on the edges and has red/purple in them middle. Light is 300w LED, is my light too close?
  10. Harvest time

    Harvest time

    bowl of tutankhamon leaves
  11. Leaves


  12. Leaves


  13. Leaves


  14. L

    Curling leaves - Yellow-brown spots - Slowed growth

    Hi this is my first post on this forum. Would be awesome for you guys to help me figure this one out! Also my first grow, i will explain my setup after. Anyhow, the problem I've been seeing is 2 of my young girls are having a very significant slowed growth compared to the third one (Third one is...
  15. Leaf Issue Revisited

    Leaf Issue Revisited

    Cheese on the left, Dinamed CBD on the right. Plants seem well on top, but leaves at bottom are not apparently.
  16. A

    The leaves start to yellow and the bottom leaves dry up and fall off?

    I'M 9 weeks now . The leaves start to yellow and the bottom leaves dry up and fall off. I have 10 lt pot and . I give 2.5 lt of water to the flowers Humudity %50 Temperature 23-25 ​​degrees I give less fertilizer than half of the list . What is my problem ? This is my first grow . Please help me .
  17. 4

    Whats wrong with my seedlings?

    Can some one tell whats wrong with this seedlings? It's pineapple express auto, in week 1 leaves looks kind of yellow curly. im feeding them with quarter doze of Fox farm nutrient and cal-mag ppm 330, tap water ppm130 ,ph around 5.8-6 temp is always around 75 and humidity around 70 so...
  18. burnmeh

    Second opinion on possible nutrient burn?

    As you can see from the lower leaves, something is amiss! This is my first grow so I'm not totally sure but I think it's nutrient burn and I should flush the soil with water, would love to hear a second opinion on it! There is a little heat stress on the top leaves from where the...
  19. M

    Yellowing leaves?

    This will be my third small batch of plants, and the first 2 were very successful. This time, my plants have yellowing at the leaf tips and along the very edges of the leaves. I know it must be a nutrient deficiency, as lighting and airflow are the same as the ones I have grown before. I am...
  20. M

    Leaves Curling Up - Taco

    Hello From Holland! Strain: CBD Kush (indica dominant) 1 Plant, indoor, small cabinet Led 280Watts at 40cm above plant temp daytime: 24 degrees temp night: 18-19 degrees Medium: Soil (canna bio plus) Airpot 11 liters Water: I use a tensiometer and keep it between 80 and 120 mbar Nutrients: did...
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