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  1. Water Conditions

    Water Conditions

    8-05-2020 Water change tonight will increase ppm to about max for veg, I aim for 725ppm this go and then see if it still drops like crazy, Plants are growing like crazy to match the numbers.
  2. res conditions

    res conditions

    8-04-2020 ppm down from 660 yesterday ph dropping
  3. Water level

    Water level

    7-28-2020 When I had put the tea in last Thursday (5 days), this nub was 95% underwater
  4. Rez Conditions

    Rez Conditions

    7-28-2020 Of course it stabilizes nice the day before water change PPM dropping temp stable ph stable for 24 hr water dropping
  5. Rez Conditions

    Rez Conditions

    7-25-2020 ppm dropping temp stable ph doing weird up/downs water dropping
  6. Rez conditions

    Rez conditions

    7-24-2020 ppm falling temp stable ph doing weird things within the range but now where I want the water level dropped
  7. Rez conditions

    Rez conditions

    7-23-2020 -24 hours after rez change -went from 1/2 strength cal mag to full strength to increase the ppm slightly but now all roots in water went brown -Sprayed with tap water till white and drenched in tea
  8. Rez conditions

    Rez conditions

    7-22-2020 Just did a water change
  9. Rez conditions

    Rez conditions

    7-22-2020 ppm falling temp stable ph raising
  10. johnnystackz

    Mixed Nutrients in the tank, how long?

    Wanted to get a rough estimate on how long a nutrient mix should last if I keep in a tank in a dark area? I know it will multiple microbes but wanted to see what everyone’s measure is, the ph in the tanks is sitting high at 6.9 but I’m going to add fresh water daily to taper it down. What’s...
  11. S

    Weak stem, looks crushed

    Hello. In 24 h my plant went from a resistant tick stem to the one in the picture. Did somebody mess with it or it happens? It looks squezed. I only deposit a litle of water on the dish so the roots could go for it. But i noticed the dirt is extreamly soaked. Is this over watering? Can i...
  12. Km021

    New grower need help

    Hey mates İm growing organicly And im always confusing bout suitable water for my plants :lot-o-toke: , my tap water comes with 220 Ppm n it’s very hard, so i have found a bottled drinking water contains cal mag in it with total mineral around 92 mg/l or ppm that the bottle label is attached...
  13. B

    Advice with autos: overwatered? Tips curling

    Planted these some 3/4 weeks ago, but they have been looking stunted and not well for a while now. Re-potted them just last week into these bigger containers. They are getting Plagron Terra Grow nutes now (5ml/1l) and only natural sunlight (in the NL). They get tap water (which is clean here)...
  14. Sex Wax

    Sex Wax

    Lifting the shell off
  15. DarionOzb

    Water On Bud And Sugar Leaves

    Hello everyone. Im flushing my plants right now and I accidentally hit the shower faucet and some water came out of the shower head onto my plant. It got all over the sugar leaves and bud. Not a lot. But enough to make me worry. It literally just happened like 30 seconds ago. Just...
  16. R

    Question about cool air humidifiers

    I have a Holmes HM1745 humidifier, can this still displace distilled water into the air without the filter? Is the filter necessary to make this throw water into the air? Waters clean, I only use distilled so I'm not worries about air quality.
  17. H

    Water Quality

    Good morning to you fine people. A question...... I'm using still mineral water on my plants - the breakdown of minerals is as follows: Typical Values per litre - Calcium 11.0mg - Magnesium 3.5mg - Potassium 2.5mg - Sodium 10.0mg - Bicarbonate 25.0mg - Sulphate 11.0mg -...
  18. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Nutrient burn or heat or overwatering?

    I'm guessing nutrient burn....but maybe this is heat. Was hot as hell most of this week... I've had more of these leaves this week than ever. Fed them last week Friday and then again today. So maybe too many nutrients? 98% of each of the plants look amazing with an occasional fan leaf that...
  19. Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Very useful chart for those who grow using hydroponic methods.
  20. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

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