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  1. Cannabis atlas

    Cannabis atlas

    Slurry Crasher strain featuring a clear atlas perfectly balanced on top. by Kyea Mofire
  2. TheYOUNGfarmer

    Salty water: good or bad?

    Hi Everyone , so i just Move to a New place and i got a water softner with Salt pallet. I tested the water ph and It sit around 6.5 to 7. That dont really worry me, my big worry is that i may have Too Much Salt mg/l i Read online that There is Salt on pretty Much in every water and a that a low...
  3. Splash


    Splash Fine Art Photograph MichellesMarijuana.com
  4. OGeMann

    Watering daily

    Strain - White Widow auto # of Plants -4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (2) 1000 Watt LED (quantum Board Nutrients - Meigs Fertilizer Company Medium - 80% FFOF 20% coco PPM - 900 PH - 6.3 RH - 40% to 50% Room Temperature -75 to 80 Solution Temperature -72...
  5. phiGweed

    Tap/Distilled or R.O water?

    Hey! I have a plant in veg! So far I’ve been watering it with tap water (pH tested to 6.0) raised to 6.5pH. I’ve been hearing Reverse osmosis is the best to water with but a system can be quite pricey. Will distilled water suffice or do I need to buy a system? Or is the tap water reliable? Does...
  6. OGeMann

    First White Widow Auto Indoor Grow: Part 1

    4 White Widow autos: They are in 3 gal fabric pots in a 5x5x8 tent They popped up on October 11,2020: Zoom in on this one⬇️ Awesome looking this is them at 5 wks, 5 days⬇️ Soil 70-30% mix=FFOF/ coco 2: HLG 100 V2 3000K will be getting 2 more for the next grow In-line fan- 400 CFM 1- 6...
  7. Carmen Ray

    Cape Mountainside Bay Garden: Transkei Sativa Soil Grow

    Greetings again folks. I am so happy to begin a new grow this new year. I'd like to invite everyone to join me on my journey @Lerugged @Smeegol @Backlipslide @Dkmg01 @CapeGrownian @CADBOY @InTheShed there are more... I am going to be growing in the ground in soil this time. I have selected the...
  8. Water Conditions

    Water Conditions

  9. Water level

    Water level

  10. Water conditions

    Water conditions

  11. Water Conditions

    Water Conditions

    8-15-2020 Water dropping again ppm dropping temp stable ph dropping
  12. Water Conditions

    Water Conditions

    8-12-2020 Water dropping ppm stable temp stable ph stable/extremely slow climb
  13. water conditions

    water conditions

    8-10-2020 ppm 610 down from 730 temp stable ph stable
  14. Water Conditions

    Water Conditions

    8-05-2020 Water change tonight will increase ppm to about max for veg, I aim for 725ppm this go and then see if it still drops like crazy, Plants are growing like crazy to match the numbers.
  15. res conditions

    res conditions

    8-04-2020 ppm down from 660 yesterday ph dropping
  16. Water level

    Water level

    7-28-2020 When I had put the tea in last Thursday (5 days), this nub was 95% underwater
  17. Rez Conditions

    Rez Conditions

    7-28-2020 Of course it stabilizes nice the day before water change PPM dropping temp stable ph stable for 24 hr water dropping
  18. Rez Conditions

    Rez Conditions

    7-25-2020 ppm dropping temp stable ph doing weird up/downs water dropping
  19. Rez conditions

    Rez conditions

    7-24-2020 ppm falling temp stable ph doing weird things within the range but now where I want the water level dropped
  20. Rez conditions

    Rez conditions

    7-23-2020 -24 hours after rez change -went from 1/2 strength cal mag to full strength to increase the ppm slightly but now all roots in water went brown -Sprayed with tap water till white and drenched in tea
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