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  1. P

    Mister Prokiller420 First Grow Purple Kush In Soil Need Help With GH Flora 3 Part

    i have 15 purple kush seeds there 4 days old and i got the general hydroponic 3 part flora and i need info on soil feeding charts if anyone has any ifo it would be cool i already have a chart but want to compare to others before trying and i would like to know how often do i have to use the...
  2. WizHigh

    Need quick opinion on possible zinc deficiency

    Its about a week old, the leaves look real fluffy and there rounder then what ive ever saw. It will be helpful to try to identify this strain also. I have a journal that is active now with 5 unknown strains. The new growth is starting bend curl down at its sides. Its starting to seem real...
  3. WizHigh

    The most important time before high time GROWING!!!

    I'm fairly new to the farming, and have a lot of questions but first I have a flower that's about a week old. Its very green and healthy. I started it outside ad only used rain to water and its been working very well. I feel like it time for ferts. I moved to a 12inch pot I am wondering how to...
  4. DubVitals

    Uk Fertz

    i have 3 feminized seeds ready to grow but before i do i want to know some more about nutez, i have 3 64 watt grow lights equiverlant to 330w each, i have compost with added john inns in which i was bought forward by a fellow grower, but i dont know much about fertz for example in america i hear...
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