ff soil

  1. imtoasted

    300W LED 2x4x5 Tent Soil Grow

    hello everyone! first time grower in the middle of veg right now. im about week 8 into veg and i just got my 300w led and tent almost two weeks ago. my plants are smaller due to growing under cheap florescent lighting at first. plants have responded amazingly with a little help of lst and...
  2. Sharksbreath

    Sharkbreath's Mystery Grow!

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member here. I've always been a fan of 420 magazine and browsed the forums to help myself learn as much as possible about growing marijuana. This is my first serious grow, I ordered 5 White Widow fem and 5 Snow White fem seeds from Nirvana. They also sent me 10 free...
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