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    Israel To Decriminalize Cannabis, Fight Stigma

    In a bipartisan move, Israel's Cabinet moved to decriminalize recreational use of cannabis. But decriminalization isn't the same as outright legalization. Israelis won't be able to grow and sell their own herb. Smoking pot in public will now only catch you a fine. Repeat offenders could...
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    MA: Marijuana Activists Vow To Fight Implementation Delays

    A pro-pot group that helped push the state's marijuana legalization law says it is now weighing a lawsuit to fight a bill that lawmakers passed, and Gov. Charlie Baker signed yesterday, delaying key parts of it, including when retail pot shops can open in the Bay State. Bill Downing, a board...
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    Hello from Carolina Hemp

    Hello! Just wanted to say hey and great forum. We are hemp activists from Asheville NC focused on the industrial hemp side of the fight. Hope everyone is well and I look forward lots of great information from the forums.