first hydro attempt

  1. G

    Completed GrapeApe66 First Grow - Deep Water Culture - Unknown Purple Indica - 2014

    started 8/16&17, 2014 with seeds 8/20 seeds started popping open 8/22 xfered seeds to rockwool and placed in DWC plain water 8/25 1 plant's root has reached through basket into water Bucket Size - 3.5 gallon Medium - Deep Water Culture Lights - (1) 4x4 T5 for veg and (1) 600w HPS...
  2. Sasquatch

    Abandoned First Time Marijuana Growers - Northern Lights Closet Grow - DWC

    Hello all! My girlfriend and I are starting this grow journal about our first attempt at growing a pot plant. I know someone else who started growing and they learned a lot just by getting feedback from the community. I hope to do the same! Our Setup Stealth Hydro Bucketeer kit with 105 Watt...
  3. Weed Farmer

    Hi Farmers! This is my first grow and I will be using hydro. Any tips?

    Hey everyone. This is my first time growing my stock and am excited. I have finished building my growroom and am currently 3 weeks in from seed. I am interested in sharing my setup and getting feedback from yall. Happy growing
  4. B

    Completed First Grow and Boy Am I Excited

    :welcome: I look forward to being able to provide my own regulated medicine soon. I have learned a lot in the past several months browsing through all the useful and helpful info on the web about growing. I am slowly acquiring my equipment as the funds are available to me (I have bills dammit...
  5. Aprentice

    Completed Hello all Im finally starting my first grow

    starting my first grow well into it..I say my first .. It's my first grow that has been remotely successful.I'm sure everyone out there that read these forums has read how helpful these guys are.... So true words can't express :goodjob: When I first started my research, I neither knew what week...
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